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Make Easter Special With a Family Brunch: Good Times Make For Great Memories

Easter is a great holiday. And a great holiday is made better with the presence of family. For this reason, making a special meal should be considered, but rather than celebrate in the evening with a large dinner, families can share an easy going brunch.

For those who have never had brunch, the menu is easy and flexible.

Preparing a Brunch Spread

Brunch is a combination of lunch and breakfast, hence the name. And so, anything that is commonly served at either of these meals is acceptable.

For a more breakfast-themed brunch, beverages can include coffee and tea, as well as juice. Foods can be toast with jam or butter, sliced fruits, such as melons and berries, and eggs and bacon.

For those who prefer lunch, the coffee and tea might be out, but they are replaced with soft drinks. Foods can be egg or chicken salad sandwiches.

The most preferable recommendation, though, is to combine the two. After all, why have brunch if only lunch or breakfast is going to be served?

Orange juice can be transformed into a type of Orangina with a splash of soda, or mimosas with a dollop of champagne, and coffee can be served along with sandwiches, bacon and eggs, and sliced fruit. And for those who really want to make it a special occasion, why not add some excitement to the menu with sushi?

For those who really want to make it exceptional, even toast can be swapped out for Zweiback toast, which goes great with jam or Nutella.

Invite a Few Close Friends or Relatives

In making the holiday special, it’s always nice to share it with loved ones. One great idea is to splurge a little and send out a few invitations to those who are going to share in the event.

While everyone is sharing in good times over laughs, and maybe a few mimosas, the children can prepare for the post-brunch Easter egg hunt., and then, of course, the devouring of the candy.

When it comes to special holidays, children and adults deserve to have fond memories of great times. Celebrating Easter with loved ones over brunch can help that happen for everyone. The alternative to something special is something mundane. And when this kind of special arrangement is compared to a morning basket opening, and maybe an egg hunt sandwiched between a few hours of television because there’s no school, it becomes obvious that there’s really no comparison at all.

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