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Make Magnets for Christmas Gifts

Published by Earleen Wachs

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Magnets make great stocking stuffers Christmas gifts for teachers, coworkers and friends. Any small objects with a flat surface – old costume jewelry, sea shells, rocks, Lego pieces, small toys – can be turned into a magnet. There are also many craft projects to make handmade decorative magnets that have a professional look.

For all projects, purchase small magnetic disks from craft supply stores. Make sure the size of the magnet is proportionate to the project, and the strength of the magnet will hold the attached item. Other supplies needed include glue, decoupage medium, acrylic paint, scissors and paper scraps.

Some ideas for making magnets include:


Glass Marble Magnets

Cut fabric or paper to fit the back of clear glass flat marbles, which can be found in the mosaics or floral section of a craft store. Glue with clear decoupage paste. Attach a magnet to the back.

Fimo Clay

It takes some practice and skill, but almost any shape can be sculpted in Fimo clay, and interesting details can be added by using multiple colors of clay, then attaching a magnet to the back. Since magnets are most often used on the refrigerator, think of food and kitchen themes like cupcakes and fruit.

Wood Shapes

Precut wood shapes are inexpensive and easy to find in any craft store. Just paint, decorate, seal and attach a magnet.

Bottle Caps and Lids

Sand old bottle caps to remove rough edges and give a surface to work with. Paint the flat part. Then, cut paper or print out quotes to fit the inside of the cap. Attach a magnet to the back. Optionally, resin mix can be poured in to fill out the cavity inside the cap. Metal or plastic lids can also be used as a base for a variety of decorative magnets.

Fabric covered

Fabric covered magnets are easy to make with fabric scraps, covered button kits and magnets. Follow the instructions on the button kit to wrap fabric over it and secure.

Packaging the Magnets

Once complete, give a set of magnets together in a small gift box, or dress it up by decorating a clean, empty Altoids tin in a style to match the magnets. For a larger gift, decorate a cookie sheet with scrapbook papers or paint it with chalkboard paint. Attach a ribbon or cord for hanging, attach the magnets to it, and your recipient has an instant message board.

Whether given alone or with a decorative box, magnets are an easy Christmas craft project that is easy and fun to make.

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