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Make Money on Halloween

Published by Erinn Creeks

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Just like any holiday, Halloween is a commercial event for candy, costume, plastic prop/weapon dealers, and the list goes on. With all that money floating around, wouldn’t you want to get a piece of it? It’s not as hard you as may think, and there are a variety of things you could do to cash in for this holiday. I’ll make sure to keep this as cheap as possible, as to increase your return on investment.

First off, you probably have noticed that most Halloween costumes and props haven’t changed much from last year. There always will be the skeleton costume, the large plastic hook, and so on.

To make money, it will require you to have space enough to hold supplies, or to rent out a storage space. Every year, about a few days before Halloween and especially a day or two after, stores will do all they can to sell their products. Finding costumes and other adornments 60-70% off will be no surprise.

Buy everything you can. Next year, when the holiday rolls around, start selling on ebay. Great sellers are blow up dolls (on sale, you can normally get these for about $15-20 or less, but expect to make $50-70 back for each), costumes are steady, and many other products are great sellers. However, I have found that blow ups do the best so far.

Another good way to get cheap merchandise is to buy from yard/garage sales. People always need to get rid of excess Halloween things, and what better than to take it off their hands for cheap prices? Also, unlike stores, you can haggle the already low prices down even further.

Now, when you go to these, it’s not uncommon for people to say that you are ripping them off or they can make more online (which you know for a fact you can, but they don’t). Don’t be intimidated. Make the best deal you can, and if they don’t like it you can always come back later. Speaking of later, if you go out near evening time, most people will be more willing to consider less, or will just give their things away.

Another thing you can do, and this will require a little more work, is make Halloween wood cuts. There are many place that sell Halloween templates (you can easily search them up). All you need is a large piece of wood, contact paper, a saw, and some paint. It doesn’t cost much to make them, and they tend to sell rather well.

While making this money does require some ebay savvy, and you will need to store merchandise for about a year, you will definitely make money off this holiday by following these simple tips. It doesn’t take much, just some patience and some money.

By the way, begin selling your things around mid to end September, when everyone starts buying.



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