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Make Personalized Christmas Cards for Loved Ones This Year

Published by Shawanda Purple

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Making Christmas cards is a wonderful hobby that can be shared with loved ones. Imagine going to the mailbox, opening it up, feeling saddened by all the bills, but on the bottom of the pile is something that stands out. A beautiful sparkling envelop that is different from the others uplifting the recipient if only for a little while. Keep this picture in mind while making this year’s handmade Christmas cards.

Custom Christmas Cards

Ordering custom Christmas cards can become expensive. That’s why making personalized Christmas cards can be very cost effective and fun. First, gather the supplies that will be needed to make the unique Christmas cards. Follow the heart of a card making hobbyist and add extra embellishments to jazz up the tips listed below.

Gather these supplies:


  • scrap booking paper in aqua, black, white, red, and green
  • double-sided tape
  • decorative paper punches in the shapes of stars, snowflakes, holly leaves, and holly berries
  • glue sticks
  • rubber stamp greetings such as: ‘Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, or “Let it Snow!”
  • rubber stamp holly leaves and berries, optional
  • silver paint pen
  • glitter
  • green and red craft paint, optional

Christmas Card Ideas

Using a stencil, a decorative paper punch, or a rubber stamp of a Christmas tree in black, position it on the front center of the card. Scissors can also be used to cut out the whimsical tree. Use double-side tape to attach the tree to the front of the card.

Cut out stars with a paper punch in different sizes. Glue the stars randomly on the black tree with glue sticks. Do not use glue sticks directly on the card, but on the stars themselves before placing them on the tree. Stamp the Christmas greeting on the inside of the card before signing it with a silver paint pen.

When many cards need to be made, make an assembly line on the table. First, lay out 20 or more cards on the table and add the tree to all cards. Next, cut out all stars and add them to all cards. Last, stamp with Christmas greeting and sign the name. This will speed up the card making process.

Handmade Christmas Cards

On white, green, and red paper stamp a cute black Christmas tree and add a cute holiday greeting to the inside. Sign the card with a paint pen and the card is done. Another way to make a quick simple Christmas card is to turn to the internet. Many sites offer free downloads. Pick a real picture or clip art. Print out the picture and glue to the card. Outline the card with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

To make a more unique type of card punch out different sizes of snowflakes in shades of blue. Layer the snowflakes on the top and down one side of the card. Use a rubber stamp to add a holiday greeting or whimsical saying. The inside of the card can have several more snowflakes, if desired.

Personalized Christmas Cards

Personalizing Christmas cards is as easy as adding someone’s name to the front. For an extra special card, use a holly rubber stamp. Paint the leaves green and the berries red. Stamp around the outside of the card. Leave the center of the card open to add a poem or funny saying. Many poems and saying can be downloaded from the internet. Decorative holly punches can also be used.

If a poem will not be used, opt for making a wreath out of the holly leaves. Begin by making a circle in the middle of the card on the front. Add extra holly leaves in the corners. On the inside of the card, stamp the corners again with the holly. Sign the card with a red paint pen.

Holiday Card Ideas

Making Christmas cards is a wonderful hobby that can turn into something more. Start by making extra cards to show friends and family with the intentions of them purchasing more. Branch out beyond Christmas. Think ahead to Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and even birthdays. With some practice this hobby could add a little cash to the pocket book.

Add special touches to the envelop too. Use the stamps and decorative punches to add some holiday magic and color to the envelop. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but add enough to let the recipient know it is a special card. Be sure to remember friends and family who are home bound or in nursing homes this holiday season.

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