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Make Your Own Christmas Cards: Use Photos & Free Online Templates

Published by Latesha Dapice

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Some people make their own custom Christmas cards using craft skills each year. If you like the idea of producing your own personalized card design but don’t want to individually handmake each one you’ll send, then why not consider creating your own designs, making photo cards or using free printable online templates? This could also help you budget better at this expensive time of year. How easy is it to make your own Christmas cards?

Designing Your Own Custom Christmas Card on a Computer

If you have basic word processing skills and are feeling creative you can set up or adapt templates on programs such as Microsoft Publisher and Word. You can then use clip art or free Christmas printables that you find on the Internet to create your own designs. Once you’ve added a message, then these can be printed off at home.


Using Photos to Make Your Own Christmas Cards

One of the easiest ways to make personalized Christmas cards is to use a photo. You could use a snap of your family, all dressed up in seasonal gear, or you could use a scenic shot. If you want to keep things really simple, all you need to do is to position the photograph to create the card into word processing or design software. You can then print out your design on to card or high quality paper and fold it to create your cards. If you prefer, or if you want a quick and easy ready-made design, you can also use free online template sites.

Using Free Online Templates to Design & Print Your Own Christmas Cards

You can also use card websites to find Christmas templates. This may be easier and quicker than setting up your own designs. Some sites solely offer free printables; others offer a few options at no charge alongside paid-for options. In some cases, you can choose a card you like from the images provided and then customise the message inside (without altering the image itself).

Or, some sites allow you can add photos to a template to create a personalized card. It may be worth checking out the HP Creative Studio which has some free designs and photo custom options to either print at home or to download. Print With My Pic also has a number of photo templates that may be useful.

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