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Make Your Own Halloween Cauldron with Fog and Lights

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez

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If you are going to throw a Halloween bash, or just want to impress the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, then you should do it right. If you have not included a witch’s cauldron complete with functioning smoke and lights, then you have not done it right. Thankfully, it is not too late to set up your very own Halloween cauldron with fog and lights, all you have to do is continue reading. But first, why would you even want to go through the bother of making your own Halloween cauldron? Halloween cauldrons can be found just about anywhere, even functional ones with lights and fog or other special effects. The problem, of course, is the cost of a manufactured Halloween cauldron. By making your own Halloween cauldron, you can easily cut the cost in half or more.

The supplies for your Halloween cauldron are easily obtainable and come at an affordable price. Here is what you need:

A cheap plastic Halloween cauldron (found at any Halloween party store)

Some distilled water (available from any grocery store, and often for under a dollar)

A small smoke machine with built-in functioning lights (you can find one at Halloweenonly.com, or just click here)

(Some smoke machines require the use of actual fog juice rather than distilled water but most are either/or. Be sure to follow the instructions of your machine.)

An extension cord

A wall outlet

That is all you need to get started on your cauldron. Alternatively, you may want to just make your own cauldron as well. Just get a round bin of some sort, or perhaps cut up a tall trash barrel and paint it black if necessary. This will provide you with more creative options for your Halloween cauldron and a larger surface to work with.

Also, there are several decorative options available such as cob webbing, which can get somewhat expensive depending on your budget, go to Yardhaunter.com for some examples, or you can just click here. Well-placed fake cobwebs on your Halloween cauldron can add a nice effect. Don’t forget the spiders!

Another option for your cauldron is to add a fake severed arm or hand. Before undertaking this Halloween cauldron project, you should make sure to have a budget at hand. It is very easy to get carried away with clever ideas and find yourself broke with the holiday season just getting underway.



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