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Making Easter Baskets on a Budget: Store Bought or Homemade Easter Baskets on a Budget

Even though families are struggling with staying on budget, many can either purchase or make an Easter basket on a budget. Believe it or not, parents still have many options; even on a tight budget.

Easter Basket Options

Parents have options to choose from when deciding how to provide Easter baskets to little ones; whether there is one child or five children involved. Listed below are several options that parents have:

  • Purchase a pre-made basket (make sure to purchase baskets when they go on sale or at a dollar store).
  • Use a basket from a previous Easter and fill.
  • Use a baseball cap or hat for the child to use during the spring/summer and fill.
  • For younger children, purchase an inexpensive sand pail with shovel and fill.
  • Make an Easter basket and fill it.
  • For older children (ages 9 and up), attach candy, school supplies, small items related to child’s. hobby, etc to a low amount gift card (i.e. $5.00 to $10.00) from a store or fast food restaurant that the child likes to go to.
  • Purchase a plastic or traditional basket from a dollar or discount store.

Ways to Fill an Easter Basket on a Budget

If parents decide to help the Easter Bunny fill an Easter basket for a child, there are many ways that parents can purchase items while making sure that it will be personalized for the child and staying on budget. Listed below are some ways that parents can achieve this:

  • Purchase toys, candy, etc when they go on sale at stores.
  • Visit dollar or discount stores to purchase items.
  • Purchase large bags of candy and place into cellophane or small candy boxes that can be purchased for a dollar or less at discount stores (this is extremely useful for large families; make sure to remember to be aware of food allergies).
  • Look at items that have been previously purchased that went on clearance (especially items that a family may have purchased after holidays).
  • Use coupons when purchasing candy or edible items.
  • Visit a bakery outlet for goodies (i.e. rice bars, Easter crackers or cookies, fruit snacks, etc).
  • Purchase in larger quantities when filling more than one basket (i.e. bubbles, candy, etc).
  • Take a box of new crayons, markers, pencils, color pencils and divide into multiple baskets (don’t forget to include a coloring book or pad of paper).
  • Bake edible items at home when children are asleep, wrap in decorative or solid color plastic wrap, and place into basket.
  • Contact family and friends that have children and see if an exchange can be made (i.e. toys, bubble, school supplies, baskets, etc).
  • Look at dollar bins at local stores.
  • Look at clearance items through out stores; many can be used as fillers in Easter baskets.

Parents have several options when it comes to helping the Easter Bunny give an Easter basket to little ones. If parents decide to create a basket, many things can be done to make sure that it is personalized as well as filled with items that will not break the family’s budget.

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