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Making Halloween Parties for Your Kids Even More Fabulous

Published by Idella Radich

Halloween party for kids can be so much fun and with a little planning can even be easy.

For the babies–yes even babies can celebrate Halloween! I can assure you that my seven month old will be celebrating Halloween with her friends. With our playgroups (oh yes, babies can have friends too) I am planning on having a little get together. Each child will come dressed in their costume, we’ll have age appropriate foods surrounding the holiday such as squash and pumpkin baby food, cut up apple pieces, and perhaps some apple juice. There will be some fun Halloween toys and we will of course be taking our babies around to houses in the area to show them off. Even if they can’t officially trick-or-treat, this holiday is still all about showing off your very best costume. Yes I admit that it’s really more about the parents than the kids at this age.

For the toddlers–now you get into some fun territory. When kids are ready to eat a little bit of candy (under mom’s control of course), play some games, and understand what trick-or-treating is all about. The costume becomes even more important at this age as the kids are really getting to understand and want to show off their best and see what their friends are sporting. Halloween music is key, make sure that it’s fun and festive rather than too scary at this age. You may want to slowly introduce some of the scary elements such as spooky masks and skeletons so as not to freak the kids out. Having some games and prizes for the kids can be fun and of course can center around some of the music of the holiday.

For kids of all ages–everyone can have fun with Halloween! Now you can really have some fun and play up the spooky factor. Introduce music that’s fun and scary. Having the classic games such as bobbing for apples, ghosts in the graveyard, and even truth or dare (Halloween edition) can be fun even for teenagers and adults. You can create a full Halloween menu such as “eyeballs” (meatballs made to look like eyeballs) in soup or with worms (spaghetti), sloppy joes, dirt cake with worms (candy of course), and a ton of desserts including caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and all the candy you can eat. If adults are part of your part, offer a festive cocktail that’s orange such as a peach margarita with black salt rimmed glasses. The whole family can have fun celebrating Halloween!

No matter what age your child is, you can create a party that is sure to please. Remember what this holiday is all about and celebrate Halloween for all the fun and festivity.

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