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Memories of My First Halloween

Published by Eufemia Bartos

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Last year, for the first time in my life, I celebrated Halloween. In India, where I spent my life till then, there are no such festivals for ghosts and fairies. We always prefer to keep ourselves away from ghosts and hence celebrate our deities’ victories over them. Because of that I was very curious to know about this festival. My husband who was bought up here had celebrated this from childhood. He showed me his Halloween pictures, in which he wore the costumes of some funny, as well as some scary, characters. He looked very cute but not very scary.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, my husband took me to see the pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay. I was surprised to see the infinite line of giant pumpkins displayed. We bought a big orange colored pumpkin and my husband carved it, lit a lamp in it and placed it in front of our home. We live in a neighborhood where there are lots of families. There are lots of kids and hence a big celebration for Halloween takes place. The Halloween parties started two days before October 31 and we had many pumpkin cakes and apple bites. It was fun to see and eat cakes that were made in the shapes of skulls, witches, and vampires.

And at last October 31 came. My husband had to go to work and before that we decorated our home and bought lots of chocolate. My husband had told me that in the evening children wearing different costumes would come and say ‘Trick or Treat’. And that I should give them chocolates when they do. I was eagerly waiting for the evening.

In the evening, as expected, many kids came along with their parents. I saw many fairies, super and spider men, beautiful witches, magicians etc. It was really fun. At about 7 pm somebody knocked at my door and when I opened it I didn’t see anyone. And after two minutes, the bell rang again and when I checked I didn’t see anyone again! I thought that some naughty kids may be playing a trick on me.

Since our neighborhood is very safe, even though it was almost dark outside, I didn’t feel afraid. I thought these kinds of pranks might be the part of the festival. And hence when the bell rang for the third time, I decided to catch this ‘naughty kid’. I stepped out of our home and began searching near the bushes for the bell ringer. Then suddenly, a strong hand pulled me into the bushes and when I looked back I saw a bloody vampire face! I really got scared and started to scream. For a moment I even forgot about the Halloween! Then suddenly the vampire asked me: “Darling, how is the Halloween festival?” The sound was familiar and I recognized the ‘bloody vampire’. It was none other than my husband behind the vampire mask!!

Now I always smile when I remember this. That’s how my first Halloween became an everlasting memory in my mind.



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