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Mighty Boosh Turn On McCartney Christmas Lights: Comedy Duo Light Up Stella McCartney’s Store

Published by Camellia Sturrock

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At this time of year you can attend the turning on of some sort of Christmas lights every night of the week and the events are becoming bigger and bigger. The Oxford Street lights were turned on by Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, due to the fact that they were promoting his film, A Christmas Carol (2009) – but what’s Christmas without having a product shamelessly promoted at every available opportunity?

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is developing her own Christmas tradition, still promoting but in a far less shameless and more entertaining way. She gets British comedians to help along the jolly festivities by turning on her Christmas lights in her London Mayfair shop.

Last year saw Peter Kay turn them on, in the guise of his character, Geraldine and in 2017, comedians Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams appearing as their ‘Suits you Sir’ characters from their programme, The Fast Show (1994 – 2000), did the honours.

The Mighty Boosh

This year was the turn of Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett, together known as The Mighty Boosh. They appeared with McCartney dressed as characters from the ‘Nanageddon’ episode from series two of their show. Their brand of random, surrealist comedy, which includes a song every episode, has reached cult status in the United Kingdom.

Fielding and Barrett performed some of these musical numbers, while dressed in drag as old ladies, to celebrate the turning on of McCartney’s lights. Although starting off as stand-up comedians, the duo were given their own self titled BBC television programme and their popularity has rocketed in recent years due to the success of the show.


Stella McCartney’s Success

Stella McCartney’s Mayfair store is one of 14 that she has all over the world. Since graduating from the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in 1995, she has had an extremely positive career projectory. After leaving her first job as head designer at the House of Chloe in 2001 to start her own label for the Gucci group, she has more than proved that it is not just her famous surname that has got her where she is. She is a very accomplished designer, whose tailored, wearable yet edgy designs are always a hit with the fashion world.

Her recent collection for Gap Kids has been a huge success, with adults squeezing into the tiny but very fashionable designs, including the French President’s wife, Carla Bruni, who wore the childrens military jacket on French television on 23rd November. McCartney has signed up to do a second collection with the high street store.

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