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Model Trains at Kannapolis Christmas Display in Village Park

Visitors of Winterfest in Kannapolis, North Carolina will definitely want to stop by the Community Room. There they will see a large display of model trains, featuring multiple cars of various ages, some vintage cars from the 1950s as well as other, more modern cars. Model train connoisseurs may be able to quickly discover which are the new versus the old by inspecting the couplers as the trains swiftly move across the tracks. Others may wish to simply ask the knowledgeable folks who brought the trains – they will readily share their expertise with anyone who would like to learn more.

At least three long trains continuously run on a 36-foot by 22-foot layout with an 8-track center passing yard that is raised high enough for the adults to enjoy without bending over. The members of the ACSG house the various trains and accessories in their homes and are adept at creating the fun and interactive track and keeping the toy locomotives running as they travel to various locations during special times of the year.


Kids may be delighted to see cows peeking out from stockcar windows or to see Mrs. and Santa Claus waving from a caboose. Guests may see a Hershey’s tank car, hoppers carrying coal, Kansas City Southern flatcars, and boxcars loaded with mini-Christmas presents, and much more. The familiar sound of trains moving along the tracks can stir up great memories of other model trains enjoyed in the past as well as extending the excitement for the kids and adults who just rode the Winterland Express winding through the light display outside.

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