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Moon Pie Halloween Pops

Published by Felicidad Kahoun

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Scary Cake Pops

Moon Pies
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Can we talk? Can I be honest with you? Although cake pops fit in with most any party or celebration, and they’re always pretty and delicious, your guests are starving! Who can get by on one tiny bite of cake? So, if you make cake pops for many of your parties, you’re doing way more work than is necessary, because you have to make three or four for each guest. But when you make Moon Pie Halloween pops, you give each of your guests a much larger dessert, and you don’t have to do all of that work.

A Moon Pie, in case you’re one of the few people who doesn’t know, is a graham cracker-like set of cookies, covered in chocolate, and sandwiched with delicious marshmallow. It’s light, fluffy, yummy, and large enough to satisfy even the hungriest of your guests. You can purchase Moon Pies by the box of several, or individuals cakes. Now, you don’t have to go with the dark chocolate coating that used to be the only type of Moon Pies. Now you can choose from a coating of yellow, pink, white, and others.

If you open the Moon Pie seam, but don’t remove the cake, you’ll find it’s much less messy to insert the stick to make it a pop. Lay the palm of your hand on top of the Moon Pie and put a little pressure on it as you insert the stick. Then, pull it out of the wrapper and decorate it for Halloween.

Some people like to create scary treats for the holiday; others like something silly and not so frightening. No matter what your preference, you can decorate the cake pops as you want, using frosting, candies, and other goodies. Use frosting as glue to attach candy corn. Or, cut candy pumpkins in half and stick them to the Moon Pie cake pops. Prefer something a little scarier? Draw a white ghost on each Moon Pie. Or, make the half-pumpkin or candy corn cake pops (above), but draw black spiders crawling on the candies.

The fabulous thing about Moon Pie cake pops is that they’re actually great for almost any holiday. Put frosting stockings on them for Christmas, a frosting Easter basket for Easter, or even red, white, and blue stripes for the Fourth of July. If you’re serving them to a crowd, stand each one in a block of Styrofoam, and set the foam on the food table. If giving as party favors, wrap each one in a cellophane bag, and tie a ribbon around the bag and sucker stick.




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