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Moonpig: Personalised Greetings Cards for Christmas & Birthdays

Published by Ouida Murano

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Sending personalised greetings cards is fun. You’ll get a kick out of creating the perfect custom card and the person you send it to is bound to appreciate the extra effort. In the UK, Moonpig is probably the site best known for online custom greetings cards. What does the site offer, how does it work and how cost-effective is it?

What is Moonpig.com?

If you watch any commercial TV in the UK, the chances are you can sing the Moonpig jingle already. This site is probably the best recognised personalised greetings card provider in the country and, according to the Growing Business website, it accounts for 90% of the online card market.

Moonpig is best known for its ranges of greetings cards, all of which can be personalised for the recipient. Cards can cover just about any occasion, including:


  • Holidays: Christmas, Easter, New Year, Diwali, Eid, Jewish holidays and Thanksgiving.
  • Celebrations: Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, New Baby, Christenings, Halloween, Saints Days, Anniversaries, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  • Events: Driving Tests, Exams, Graduation, New Home, Leaving, Sympathy and Retirement.
  • General: Good Luck, Get Well, Congratulations and Thank You.

You can choose from various types of cards (i.e. funny, spoof, cute and general) from both generic and famous card brand designs. The site has also branched out into selling flowers and personalised gifts, wines and spirits.

How Does Moonpig Work?

Once you’ve chosen a card design, you will be walked through various steps to personalise it. The choices you’ll be given will depend on the type of card. For example, you may be able to:

  • Change the caption/text on the card front.
  • Add name(s).
  • Upload your own photos.
  • Choose from different card sizes.
  • Add your own messages, text or even poems on the inside of the card.

Once you have created a custom greetings card and are happy with the preview, you can arrange to have it sent direct to the recipient or to your own address. If you order online before 2pm, the card will be sent out same day. Orders can be sent within the UK, to Europe and worldwide. Moonpig also has an Australian and US facility for international orders.

How Do Moonpig Costs Compare With Buying Greetings Cards in the High Street?

Current single card prices on Moonpig.com start at £1.99, rising to £5.99 for the largest size. Packs of small cards or postcards sell for £6. Delivery and postage costs will vary depending on the size of card, the delivery location and the chosen postage method. If you are likely to use Moonpig regularly, then it may be worth setting up a prepay account. This adds 25% to the money you deposit for future purchases which effectively gives you a 20% discount on everything but flowers.

To a certain extent, you can’t work on a like-for-like comparison as you are creating a custom greetings card. But, the site is obviously aiming to be competitive with single product costs in order to make this process fairly cost-effective. This may not, however, work as well in certain situations (i.e. if you are buying cards in bulk at Christmas). It may be cheaper to look at buying regular packs then or to use Moonpig for a few special cards. You could also consider making your own Christmas cards as an alternative.

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