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Mosaic Happy Halloween Banner

Published by Garrett Bruzek

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This mosaic Happy Halloween flag or banner is so easy and affordable to make. I love mosaics, but they are heavy, time consuming, and sometimes just not in the budget!

You can use felt ot make a mosaic Halloween banner or Happy Halloween flag to hang on your front porch. If you do not have a front porch then try hanging your mosaic Halloween banner on the front of your apartment door or on the balcony!

To Make a Mosaic Happy Halloween Banner You Will Need:



Felt squares


Fabric glue

The first step is to cut out the flag or banner background for your Halloween flag.

You want to make this sheet of felt about 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. If you know you will be sliding your Halloween flag onto a wood dowel, then you can create a simple rod pocket at the top by flipping the top two inches over and sew it down.

You can also simple install grommets in the top left and right corner and tie a piece of twine to hang it with.

Now, on to the mosaic part if the Happy Halloween flag. Take your scraps and square of felt and start cutting them into tiny squares. It really looks great to cut small 1/8 inch square pieces. If you do not want to go that small you can make each little “tile” ¼ inch square.

I like to simply start cutting out black tiles fo the letters. Then cut out multiple colors for the back ground. You can use purple, green, orange or whatever colors you want!

Make sure you use different colored felt than your Halloween flag background so they will stand out.

Next, move on to creating your Happy Halloween words on the flag.

Lay out the small square you want to use to create the words. I like to draw out the bubble letters of the words in chalk on the felt, and then fill in with the small felt mosaic squares.

Use a fabric glue and press them into place.

Once the words are finished on the Mosaic Halloween flag craft project, then you are ready to fill in the background.

Do not feel limited to a flat background. You can create a mosaic full moon, mosaic bats, and even mosaic clouds in gray! Get creative and really customize your Halloween flag.

Let the kids make their own Halloween flags for the front porch. You can swap them out every couple of days and keep you front porch decorated perfectly for Halloween.



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