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Most Popular Business Christmas Card Websites: Shopping Online for Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards

Published by Dominique Blacher

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From small local companies to multinational corporations, many businesses send Christmas cards to their customers.

A business Christmas card can reinforce brand awareness, encourage social networking and develop goodwill.

Most corporate greeting cards are respectful. Generally, attempts at humor and sales pitches are avoided. Some companies do personalize their messages, including photos of team members on the front of their business Christmas cards.

Listed below are the 10 websites that offer business Christmas cards, sorted by those with the most monthly page views and visitors. Sites are also compared to reveal which home pages attract the highest percentage of search engine visits.

Top Business Christmas Card Websites with Most Page Views

Below are business Christmas card websites that receive the most page views per month. These monthly estimates were averaged over a 3-month period ending November 28.

  1. Vistaprint … 127.1 million monthly page views (up 33.6% over prior 3 months)
  2. 123 Greetings … 64.5 million monthly page views (up 30.5%)
  3. MOO USA … 8.8 million monthly page views (up 42.6%)
  4. Overnight Prints … 6.1 million monthly page views (up 14.5%)
  5. Cards Direct … 1.4 million monthly page views (up 227%)
  6. The Gallery Collection … 1.1 million monthly page views (up 46%)
  7. Christmas Cards Direct … 1 million monthly page views (up 461%)
  8. Myron … 383,138 monthly page views (up 121%)
  9. Pear Tree … 290,656 monthly page views (up 4%)
  10. Business Greetings (Hallmark) … 264,233 monthly page views (up 230%).

Vistaprint’s website allows users to upload their photos, design and order their business holiday cards online. The site has an instant price quote calculator. For example, 1000 folded Christmas cards with glossy color photos was quoted as costing $344.99. An extra $69.31 is required for rush 3-day processing and shipping.

Corporate Xmas Card Websites with Most Visitors

Attracting the highest average number of monthly visitors, 123 Greetings’ home page includes thumbnails of its most popular business Christmas e-cards. Users can preview and personalize the corporate holiday greetings card messages plus any videos or music attached to the corporate ecard. 123 Greeting business Christmas ecards are free to customize and to send. This may explains the site’s high online traffic statistics.

Below are other corporate Christmas card websites ranked according their number of monthly online visitors.

  1. 123 Greetings … 14.6 million monthly visitors (average 4.4 page visits per user daily)
  2. Vistaprint … 12.3 million monthly visitors (10.4)
  3. Overnight Prints … 1. 4 million monthly visitors (4.5)
  4. MOO USA … 1.3 million monthly visitors (6.7)
  5. Cards Direct … 397,454 monthly visitors (3.6)
  6. The Gallery Collection … 144,785 monthly visitors (7.3)
  7. Pear Tree … 74,527 monthly visitors (3.9)
  8. Christmas Cards Direct … 72,149 monthly visitors (14.1)
  9. Myron … 66,058 monthly visitors (5.8)
  10. Business Greetings (Hallmark) … 61,450 (4.3).

Christmas Cards Direct has the highest number of page views from the same user during the course of a day. The Christmas Card Direct website has an online tool that instantly calculates the total price for the quantity of cards based on the entered quantity. Users can personalize the sample cards, and include logos or signatures by uploading the appropriate files. Alternatively, the site presents a drop-down selection of categorized greetings.

Business Christmas Card Websites with Most Search Engine Traffic

Among the top business Christmas greeting card providers below, Cards Direct’s website generates the highest percentage of online traffic from Internet searches. However, Cards Direct also has the highest bounce rate at 52% – the percentage of visitors who look at only one page before leaving a website.

  1. 123 Greetings … 14 million monthly visits from a search engine (21.7% of total online visits)
  2. Vistaprint … 13 million monthly visits (10.2%)
  3. Overnight Prints … 923,759 monthly visits (15.2%)
  4. MOO USA … 903,572 monthly visits (10.3%)
  5. Cards Direct … 595,000 monthly visits (41.7%)
  6. The Gallery Collection … 226,184 monthly visits (21.4%)
  7. Christmas Cards Direct … 105,799 monthly visits (10.4%)
  8. Business Greetings (Hallmark) … 69,229 monthly visits (26.2%)
  9. Pear Tree … 54,934 monthly visits (18.9%)
  10. Myron … 46,360 monthly visits (12.1%).

Vistaprint has the lowest bounce rate at 14.9%. This suggests that more customers stay on their website to explore different features about Vistaprint’s business greeting card services. Vistaprint garners only 10.2% of its web traffic from online searches, depending more on external links, referrals and repeat business.

123 Greetings is the champion with the highest number of actual visitors from search engine traffic. 123 Greetings has a higher bounce rate at 37.4%, but has both a superior search engine percentage (21.7% to 10.2%) and more external websites links (8428 to 2930) than its nearest competitor Vistaprint.

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