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Move Review: Rob Zombie’s Remake of Halloween is No Disappointment

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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A Horror Classic is Back!

If you are reading this in the dark, you may want to turn on a few lights, or you may just want to leave them off for added effect. Now think of that music, that unforgettable theme music from one of the greatest horror films of all time. It may send chills down your spine or bring a smile to your face. The point is Halloween is back! Now in theatres and ready for your viewing pleasure, this polished up remake is true grit from beginning to end. Sequel after sequel turned this horror classic from someone’s nightmare into someone’s punch line, but no more. The old has been reborn and means business. The new, revisited version of John Carpenter’s work of art is captained by non other than Rob Zombie. You may have seen his previous servings of scary in House of 1000 corpses and Devil’s Rejects which both solidified him as a great film director in the eyes of so called hard core fans of horror. With some help from a few of the cast from his first two films including Zombie’s own beautiful wife, who here plays the stripper by trade mother of the classic’s beloved killer.

Zombie embarks on what movie goers could call a roller coaster ride through hell. This updated take has all the same bells and whistles as the original, but with a new twist, the in your face back story of the boy turned murderer Michael Myers. The audience gets a taste of what might have sent this child over the edge, and then they get to watch him fall. This gives his character more of a human element, you feel sorry for him and what he deals with in his day to day life, and even after he kills you hope he will be rehabilitated It is this new addition that just makes the movie pull you in further and scare you more than ever before. If you are a fan of horror films, you have got to see this movie in order to feel complete. From the opening scene to the end credits it does not disappoint. It is graphic, bloody, and brutal, the must have triple threat of any film in this genre. Don’t wait for the DVD, and don’t waste your time on the boot leg version, stand in line, buy a ticket, and a $5 soda, then sit back and enjoy the terror that is Halloween.

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