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My Funniest Halloween Memory

Published by Gregory Rabal

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Halloween Memories We Can Laugh About Now

The funniest Halloween memory that comes to mind today involves us being the new kids in the neighborhood. Actually, being the new kids in the neighborhood from the other side of the hill. That is where the quest to fill our goody bags to the brim and one long walk is the beginning of the funniest Halloween trick my older brother decided to play on his preteen siblings. We didn’t think it was so funny back then but now we can sit back and laugh at the memory.

The night started out innocent enough. The weather had turned cool with the threat of rain later in the evening. But that was no deterrent for three kids on their first Halloween in the country. Having recently moved out of the big city, where we always had to have an adult to escort us from house to house, we were more than ready to be independent.

My brother, Billy, was to walk with us to the subdivision over the mile high hill. He had just turned sixteen and wasn’t enthusiastic about the prospect of being our escort. Perhaps that is why he plotted his revenge on us. We should have known something was up when he started rushing us to start on our journey.

We ventured from house to house around our neighborhood before climbing the hill to the treasures we were sure awaited us in the big subdivision. Our bags were already starting to show promise as we started the mile long trek up the hill.

It was neat that my brother was so involved in keeping track of the goodies we had collected. He would stop us ever so often and check our bags. Then he would hurry us along as he assured us we had many houses to visit before our adventure was over. We thought this was pretty neat, since he really didn’t want to be seen with his little sister and brother.

The bags of goodies were getting heavier. We knew we had collected lots of candy, since reaching the subdivision on the other side of the hill. Going door to door getting a treat after performing our little song or telling a joke, was really paying off. My brother was being very vigilant about his responsibility of checking our bags.

When the night was winding down and we decided that our bags were plenty heavy enough, we started the long walk home. The only problem was the subdivision we were so eager to visit was on the incline of the hill. After having walked all over the subdivision, we had to walk back up the hill to make our descent down the other side to our own neighborhood. The trek over the hill wasn’t so bad but now we had to carry our treat filled bags back over the hill.

Billy was ever so encouraging. If we hurried up, we could see what our bags held and perhaps enjoy some of the candy before bed. This was great encouragement since we weren’t allowed to have any candy or anything handed out to us until it was inspected by Mom.

We finally made it home and unloaded our bags. Then all Hades broke out in our kitchen. My brother Billy was standing in the corner laughing and our mother’s face was an angry red as we found out the real reason our bags were so heavy. Each time Billy stopped us to inspect our bags, he would add rocks. We had at least a third of a bag of rocks each, that we hauled upon our journey over the mile high hill. He thought it was hilarious while the rest of the family was steaming mad.

Looking back now, we can laugh at this event being one of our funniest Halloween memories. There are more but this one gave a new meaning to the words rock candy for us.



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