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My Funny Halloween Memory

Published by Harmony Fulwiler

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It’s almost that time again, Halloween! As an adult, I know that we all can remember some kind of story about Halloween when we were children. Some might be funny, some scary and some are just plain fun! I know that we can all remember the excitement of picking out what we wanted to be for the day and how we couldn’t wait to get as much candy as we could. I am going to share a pretty funny story of what happened one Halloween when I was a child.

When I was about 9 years old, I was into the Dracula movies. I just loved them! I even thought I was a vampire for a long time. I found out recently that my mom helped me into thinking that by agreeing with me. I slept with my blanket over my neck because I thought that the vampire’s were coming for me. Like that would have stopped them from sucking my blood! I checked my neck every morning to see if I was closer to becoming a full fledged vampire. I checked my teeth to see if the fangs I already had had gotten longer. I actually really thought I was a vampire! It could be a crazy thing to think as a child.

Halloween finally got here! I was excited and decided that I wanted to be a vampire for Halloween, go figure. I was looking forward to going to the Haunted House. My dad and I were starting to make that a tradition every year. I went to school and all of my friends and I were talking about who was going to get the most candy. After school I went trick or treating and received quite a bit of candy. It was getting dark and was time to go to the Haunted House with my dad! We got there and boy was I excited! Everyone was wondering around with their costumes on. There was a guy that was scaring some people with a chainsaw, that didn’t scare me one bit. Nothing seemed to scare me that night.

It was finally our turn to go in. You could hardly see a thing until there was something to actually see. Not one thing was even scaring me. I felt so brave. There were cut up bodies in coffins, werewolves, the chainsaw massacre and a lot of scary stuff but I was not scared. We turned a corner and I didn’t see anything. I felt something touch my shoulder. I just laughed and turned my head and there he was, Dracula. He said “I vwant to suck your blood”. I screamed and walked faster but he was following me. The strobe lights were going and so I only saw him on and off and that’s when he grabbed me. I turned kicked him where it counts and screamed at my dad that we had to get out of there! Someone let us out of the emergency exit. I was really scared!

I told my dad that he finally found me and that he wanted to finish the job. My dad had to explain that he wasn’t real but of course I didn’t believe him. For a long time after that I didn’t go to Haunted Houses and still thought they were going to come get me. When I tell people the story now, I laugh but it was so real when I was younger. All I can say is they haven’t found me yet!



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