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My Halloween Skeleton Experience

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

lights on with a bowl on the porch, full of candy, allowing you to place a piece of candy in your treat bag without bothering the residents. No one took more than one piece.

We hurried from house to house, sometimes arriving at a door by ourselves, sometimes joining other children, only to dash off to another house.

My sister and I were alone when we climbed the stairs to the town funeral parlor. As the door opened, the mortician, who we knew well, greeted us and looked at our costumes. He offered my sister a bowl to choose a piece of candy; he looked at my costume, a skeleton, and retracted the bowl. He stepped to one side, motioned to come inside, and, in his very deep voice said, “Come right in…I have a place just for you!” Then he laughed and offered the bowl of candy for me to choose a piece from. At first I stepped back, then realizing the joke, stepped forward, accepted the treat and said, “Thank-you.”

I’m not sure how quickly I processed the whole event as it happened. I do remember still being a bit unsettled as we walked back down the stairs. I do know that even though I received a candy treat; the trick was on me!

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