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This is My Scary Personal Halloween Story

My Scare You Silly Halloween Story

As Halloween approaches, it is only natural to think back on memorable Halloweens past. I have enjoyed many great Halloweens but there is one that will always stand out from the rest as my scariest Halloween ever! We’re talking Steven King kind of scary! The stuff nightmares are made of! O.K. so maybe I am just a chicken. Why don’t I tell you about it and you be the judge?

At the tender age of 13, my friend Nancy invited all 11 girls from our 8th grade homeroom class to her Halloween costume party. I was so excited because I had never been to a Halloween party before. After weeks of debating over costume ideas, I finally arrived at Nancy’s party dressed as a Cheer Leader. I know, you are saying “Ooooh, real scary!” I did not choose the costume because of the fear factor, I chose it because I always wanted to be a cheerleader and never made the cut. I already told you I am a big chicken so bear with me, please.

After everyone arrived, we played some games and ate some food, all of which were named appropriately for Halloween like Devilish Eggs and Sloppy Joe’s Guts. During the meal, we kept hearing this evil howling sound, which of course was explained by our hostess, Nancy’s Mom. “Six years ago, on Halloween night, our neighbor, Mr. Baxter was murdered in his basement with an axe. The murderer was never caught and now every year on Halloween, he howls all night.” You could have heard our hearts thumping wildly when she finished that story! It was at that point that Nancy said, “O.K. Let’s go Trick-Or-Treating! So we all grabbed our goodie bags and headed out to get some treats.

Nancy lived on a country road out in the middle of nowhere. Her parents did not go with us trick-or -treating. It was just 11 scared stiff 13 year-olds heading out into the dark night with the dead neighbors ghost howling in our ears. We made it to about 3 houses down the road when out of nowhere this monster comes shrieking up behind us carrying, you guessed it, a bloody axe! It was there and then I understood the expression, “I about jumped out of my skin!” You have never lived until you’ve seen 11 teenage girls running for dear life from an axe murderer. Nancy’s mom was waiting in her front yard laughing hysterically while we all simultaneously told her what we saw. That’s when Nancy’s dad came home pulling the monster mask off and holding the axe.

That’s the way it happened that Hallows Eve many moons ago. Do you think you would have been scared too? Maybe you think I am a big chicken. In any case, I will never forget that really scary Halloween party! Oh, and by the way, I did not go to any more parties at Nancy’s house!



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