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My Top 10 Movies to Watch Around Halloween Time

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

Halloween party at an old abandoned funeral home know has Hull House. There was some type of family massacre that occurred there in the past. There are 8 people at the party. In horror tradition all the people who have sex die and the virgin does not. The evil forces here are demons that basically possess partygoers. The houseguests start to encounter the demon and thus become demons themselves. The movie is one of those movies that have some interesting erotic and sexy moments in it that young men tend to be interested in when they are first discovering girls.

Friday the 13th has spiritual elements to it but is much more of a slasher film. The plot is partially based on past events. A kid named Jason Voorhees drowned at a summer camp because two counselors were not watching him and were off having sex. One year after Jason drowned two counselors that were getting undressed to have sex were murdered by an unseen killer. That scene actually is at the beginning of the movie. The camp was closed after the double murder. It is planning to reopen in present day with new counselors. They end up facing a vengeful mother of the drowned boy. Various counselors are murdered by Jason’s mother and she goes after the final counselor who beheads her. It briefly sets up future movies by showing Jason come after the last survivor, who according to the rules does not have sex in the movie.

This next movie will take fairy tales to a new meaning for you. Leprechaun 2 is actually a sequel. The movies really don’t have much to do with each other besides the fact that the leprechaun is in it and wants “me gold”. The plot here is that a couple thousand years ago a leprechaun was going to free his slave after he got married. The bride turned out to be his daughter. He freed her from the leprechaun who vowed to marry a descendant on his 2016th birthday. He then goes to modern times in search of her. The girl, Bridget, has a boyfriend named Cody, who would much rather not give her up. The leprechaun kidnaps Bridget, but leaves one of his 100 gold coins behind in modern times and is fanatic about getting it back. He tries to make deals with the Cody and his uncle Morty. They then go on various adventures of keeping the Gold and trying to save Jenny. It is not ultra scary but definitely suspenseful.

Teen wolf is the mildest film on this list. It is about a high school basketball player named Scott (played by Michael J. Fox) who is a werewolf. He discovers this one night and his dad confirms that it is a family tradition. He was hoping it might skip Scott, but did not. Scott has this girl that he was friends with since childhood named Boof. She really likes Scott, but he has his eyes on a popular hot girl named Pamela. She has a boyfriend who is on a rival basketball team.

Scott becomes a werewolf during stress at one of his basketball games and starts using his special athletic abilities from being a werewolf to help the team win games. His friend Stiles starts to sell teen wolf shirts and capitalizes on the new fame. Pamela never gave him the time of day, but is now interested in him. Does he want to live the limelight or be himself? The movie has a great moral lesson to it. I highly recommend it not just for Halloween, but it is a good movie for all ages, especially a children’s Halloween party.

28 weeks later is another zombie movie. It is a sequel to 28 days later. In this case though there are not really zombies per say, but humans that become infected with a disease that causes them to attack people. The beginning o the movie gives you some pretty good idea of that previous movie. For a little background a virus was developed that made the organism with it become violent and almost zombie like, they are not intelligent, but they are fast and strong unlike most of the zombies from movies like Night of the Living Dead. The movie opens with people going back to Great Britain under the guard of the U.S. Army. Two kids going back were able to escape the zombies that were known as the infected. Their dad is greatly helping out rebuild Great Britan. He ran out on the kids and his wife when the infected were attacking. It turns out the mother and son is immune to the virus after they discover the mother when the kids go to see their old house. Basically the disease is so communicable that they try to contain it. When zombies start attacking citizens orders start being given to blow up the city with everyone in it infected or not. This movie is pretty scary and does have quite a bit of gore.

One two Freddy’s coming for you. A Nightmare on Elm Street is considered one o the great. This one now has lots of back story to it. Robert Englund. Nancy Thompson is a young school girl who has been having nightmares about being chased by a man that is burned and has knives for fingers. She finds that her best friend . she finds out at school that her friend Tina Grey had the same Dream. Nancy and her boyfriend Glen (played by Johnny Depp) stay with Tina one night to try to get her over it. Tina’s boyfriend Rod, who is kind of a hood, shows up and crashes the party. They go upstairs and make out. When they are asleep Freddy Kruger comes and kills Tina with Rod getting the blame. Nancy then realizes what is going on and tries to convince her parents and boyfriend to help her. The movie has lots of gore and is very dramatic. It is a slasher film, but has supernatural elements to it as well.

Return of the living dead is another zombie movie on the list. It departs from the Night of the living dead in many ways. One of the writers, John Russo, worked on the Night of the Living Dead with George Romero. They fell out and did Russo Took the name Living Dead for his movies while George Romero used the name dead in his movies without living except for Night of the Living Dead. In the movie Fred has a new job at a medical supply company and is being shown around by the supervisor Frank. They go into the basement to show him some drums containing what were once zombies. Frank informs him they were delivered there by mistake and the movie Night of the Living Dead was based off the case. Frank then hits the drum and it leaks and they breathe the stuff. It goes throughout the medical supply office and everything that was dead like half dogs and butterflies reanimates. A cadaver also reanimates and they try to figure out what to do with it. They call the owner named Burt and he tries to figure out what to do. They try destroying the brain with a pick ax to no avail. They then get the idea to burn the body at the crematory of the local mortuary that a friend of his runs telling him that it’s rabid animals. This sets the events in motion. This movie does have a bit of gore in it and is pretty scary.

Child’s Play is another of my favorites for Halloween. It deals with voodoo and mystical elements more than slasher or zombie themes. In the movie a serial killer is tracked and shot down by a cop and uses voodoo to put his soul into that of a toy doll when he takes cover in a toy store. The doll that he transferred his soul into is a Good Guy doll that were pretty popular in the story. Young Andy is getting ready for his birthday and wants one, which his mother Karen buys from a street peddler. The doll shows Andy that he is actually alive and then kills a baby sitter. Andy tells his mom and the police that Chucky (the name of the doll) did it because the babysitter deserved it amongst other things.

Chucky then kills one of his accomplices that sold him out after Andy takes him to a house he is hiding out at. Chucky gets shot in the process. Andy is found near the scent and sent to a mental hospital. Chuck then goes to see the man who taught him voodoo and asks how he can feel the pain from the gunshot and the and why it bled. The voodoo guy tells him that the form he chose is becoming human and he will be trapped that form. He tells him the only way to stop it is to put his soul into the person that he first revealed himself to, which was Andy. It is a pretty good story with lots of action and special effects. It is not really gory, but it is very scary.

What list of Halloween movies would be complete without a movie about vampires? One of my favorite vampire movies is A Return to Salem’s Lot. This is actually considered by many to be a sequel to a mini series and book by Stephen King called Salem’s Lot. I actually watched A Return to Salem’s Lot first and advise others to do the same. I found trying to link the two together to be very confusing. The movie is based on a town that is inhabited by vampires and drones who serve them. The drones are results of a human and vampire mating. Joe Weber and his troubled son Jeremy end up going back to Salem’s Lot were he was born. They are in the town to settle the estate of his presumed dead aunt. Joe is known for just wanting to get the job done and not interfering in the things that people he is filming or writing on do. He once did not intervene when a tribe he was filming was conducting a human sacrifice.

At first Joe and Jeremy do not know what is going on, but one night some kids go into town and cause some raucous and are killed by vampire townspeople. He also sees his aunt that he assumed was dead kill one of the teens. The head of the town named Judge Axl then shows Joe around and how they don’t want human blood anymore. He informs them that they breed cattle for blood and then after they feed the cattle can recuperate. Judge Axl says they won’t go after human blood anymore and wants Joe to write a history of them. He shows his wife cutting garlic to show that it is a rumor that they don’t like garlic. They then take him to a house were a girl who was a bit too old for him when he was younger is still at. Her name is Kathy. Because she is a vampire she has not aged since he has seen her. They get it on and she gets pregnant. He figures they are trying to tie him to them by blood. A vampire Jeremy’s age named Amanda (played by Tara Reid of American Pie fame) takes an interest in him. Jeremy then seems to be more into things around town than his dad. He is actually thinking of becoming a vampire. A strange looking old man named Van Meer showed up to town claiming to be a Nazi hunter looking for Nazi’s. The reality is he is looking for vampires. This is a pretty nice story with not a whole lot of gore but some. It is a bit scary though, but not as much as many of the zombie movies on the list.

There they are my top 10 movies for Halloween. There are a variety of other movies that could go on the list, but it was for the top 10. If you really like horror movies all of George Romero’s zombie movies are really good. The living Dead movies are good, but they get a bit strange after part three. Other good movies that did not make the list include, Once Bitten, Fright Night, Halloween and the sequels, and Candy Man.

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