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My Top Ten List of Halloween Books for Kids

Published by Kerrie Mccalley

Trick or Treat by Stan Berestain – Brother and Sister bear are about to go trick or treating by themselves for the first time! We love the Berenstain bears and this Halloween book is a great story!

6. Froggy’s Halloween by Johnathan London – This Halloween Froggy dresses as the Frog Prince. He is so cute that Frogilina wants to give him a kiss!

7. The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll – Two little mice are growing a pumpkin. They are so attentive that it grows and grows and grows becoming the biggest pumpkin in memory!

8. Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson – In this story some helpful animals find room on the broom of a generous witch!

9. The Pumpkin Goblin Makes Friends by Aaron Taylor – A mean-spirited Pumpkin Goblin learns to be more friendly and make friends with the help of the town hero!

10. Georgie by Robert Bright – A classic! A story of the little, nice ghost. A great story from long ago, this book is back in print and available to entertain new generations of children!

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