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Nasty and Disgusting Halloween Treats: Gross Goodies Are Easy to Make and Fun to Eat

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

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Halloween is now the United States’ second most popular holiday (after Christmas) for children and adults alike, according to the National Retail Federation.

Halloween seems to serve a valuable function for many children and adults. It fills our basic need to confront the mysteries that frighten us, and to celebrate them in a non-threatening way.

When a child dresses up and acts like a monster for awhile, the monster loses its scariness and its power. Kids like to be scared as long as they know it is make-believe. The following recipes celebrate the grossness kid’s love.

Eyeballs and Blood

1 can of Cherry Pie Filling

2 boxes of Vanilla Instant Pudding……Make pudding according to directions on the box…Fold in Cherry Pie filling…mix well and serve.

Boogers on a Stick

8 oz. Cheese Whiz

4-5 drops of Green Food Coloring

Pretzel Sticks………………..Melt cheese whiz in microwave following directions on the jar. Let the cheese cool slightly in the jar. Stir in the green food coloring just enough to turn the cheese a pale booger green. To form boogers dip and twist the tip of each pretzel sick into the cheese mixture. Lift out and dip again after cheese dries a bit. When cheese lumps reach perfect booger size, set pretzels on wax paper to cool and set.

Bloody Popcorn

Pop some popcorn….Using Butter Spray, lightly spray all the popcorn….Sprinkle with paprika or red seasoned salt… mix well covering all the popcorn.

Watch a scary movie and eat,

Strained Eyeballs

6 Hard Boiled Eggs

6 oz. Whipped Cream Cheese

7 oz. Green Olives…with Pimentos

Red Food Coloring……Peel eggs. Cut in half lengthwise. Remove and discard yolks. Fill egg holes with cream cheese. Press an olive into each cream cheese eyeball, pimento facing up for a red pupil. Finally for that perfect blood shot look, dip the tip of a toothpick into the red food coloring and draw some broken blood vessels in the cream cheese.

Eat Dirt

14 Oreo cookies finely crushed

1 pint Chocolate Ice Cream,

Chocolate Syrup

Gummy Worms

Whipped Cream…………In 4 clear dessert dishes, place 2 Tb. Of cookie crumbs. Top with ½ cup of ice cream then the remaining cookie crumbs. Add the chocolate syrup. Top with whipped cream and gummy worms.

Monster Eyeballs

Black Olives

Cream Cheese…….Stuff black olives with cream cheese to resemble eyeballs. Serve on a plate

Slime Filled Cake

Vanilla Pudding

Green Food Coloring

Chocolate Frosting

Any Cake recipe……….Bake the Cake. Let cool. Add a few drops of the green food coloring to the vanilla pudding to make the desired color of slime. Mix. Separate the top layer of the cake from the bottom layer. Place the bottom layer on a serving plate or tray. Spread lightly with pudding mixture for slime filling. Top with the other cake layer. Frost and decorate.


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