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New Era Halloween Safety Tips

Published by Merlin Leachman

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Keep Your Trick or Treater Safe by Following These Safety Tips

Have you considered Halloween safety tips for new era dangers? With all the advances in technology, there are some things our children may come in contact with while enjoying their annual trick or treat walk. It’s not uncommon for the sick mind to find new ways to harm our little ones. And not all parents are able to go on the walk with their children and then some children, when they begin to grow older, resist parents walking along with them.

As best as possible, we must try to stay one up on the insane, dangerous and criminal mind. We must work as hard or harder to guarantee our children’s safety. Before your children, little ones or even you go out on your Halloween night of fun, make sure you take time and prepare for danger lurking on the streets, in the homes or all surroundings.

Make Sure Your Child Is As Safe As Possible: Supply Them With a Cell Phone

A cell phone is considered a luxury by some. Some even think it is a waste of money to give your child a cell phone. Whether or not it is a luxury, a necessity or frivolous, a cell phone on Halloween can save your childs’ or even your life. A cell phone can help you find your child and also help them if an issue occurs. Make sure your child has a charged phone with unlimited minutes ready to use in case a situation rears its ugly head. If the phone is one that requires you to keep their minutes updated and paid, ensure this is taken care of well before Halloween. Buy additional minutes, 1000 or more. You never know what type situation might occur during their trek. So make sure they are well prepared and have enough minutes to cover any needs.

Make Sure Your Child Is As Safe As Possible: Make Sure Your Child Has A Digital Camera

If the cell phone your child is carrying does not have a camera feature, place a digital camera in their treat bag. You can never be too careful when it comes to trying to guarantee the safety of your child. A digital camera available and ready when needed can be vital in finding a lost child, determining routes taken or finding out who they have come in contact with during their outing. Some of the features on these cameras have been added for the sole purpose of safety.

Make Sure Your Child Is As Safe As Possible:Teach Your Child To Look for and Beware of Signs of Danger

Even our youngest ones can be taught signs of danger and what to do when there is a problem. The car feature “On Star” has been used by numerous little ones to inform authorities of deadly situations when a parent cannot. Training a little one is vital and can save their lives in addition to your own if a dangerous, life threatening situation occurs. You never know when your child might be required to save your life or his own.

Make Sure Your Child Is As Safe As Possible: Inform Your Children of Homes To Avoid (Check Predator Lists)

Act under the assumption that there are predators in every neighborhood. Even though some may have been accused falsely, there is never a good reason to let your guard down when your children and their safety is at risk. Make sure you have taken the time to check for predators in your area before allowing your children to go out trick or treating. Consider being informed of predator locations for your own safety. Even you can be the target and victim of a predator. Make sure before Halloween activities occur, you have checked to guarantee you know which homes or locations your child or you should avoid.

For decades we have heard the traditional safety warnings regarding trick or treating on Halloween. People can be evil. And by now you are aware of all of the old warnings. Now, however, there are new threats to our children and ourselves. Make sure you stay on top of the criminal and sick minds by informing and updating your children and yourself. Modern technology is sometimes troublesome and something some want to avoid. However, when you think about it, modern technology can guarantee your safety in ways we have never had available to us in the past.



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