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New Gifts for Cool Christmas Presents for Teens: How to Find the Most Popular Holiday Gift Ideas for Young Teenagers

Published by Gisele Pallazzo

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Need help deciding which toys, electronics and clothes will make the best cool Christmas presents for teens this year? These popular holiday gift ideas for teenagers will help those looking for presents for preteens and young teens. If teenagers seem to be the hardest to shop for during the holidays, these gifts are a place to start.

New Gifts for Cool Christmas Presents for Preteens (Ages 10-12)

They are somewhere between being a child and being a teenager. It can be hard to determine if a young teen would prefer a fun toy or a more mature gift. This list includes gifts a preteen is sure to find both fun and cool.

  • Jakks Hannanh Montana Electric Guitar Game– Approximate retail price: $50. This set comes with a full size guitar that plugs directly into a TV; no gaming system needed. The player can learn how to play 10 Hannah Montana songs and put on her own concert.
  • Lego Bionicle Brand: Cendox, Skopio, Baranus, Thornatus and others – Retail price: $20 to $90, depending on character. This series of Lego sets allow advanced builders to create a world of biomechanical characters.
  • High School Musical 3 Mystery Date Game– Approximate retail price: $20. Girls can get ready for “mystery dates” with the guys from High School Musical.

Popular Holiday Gift Ideas for Young Teens (Ages 13-15)

Teens in this age group may have just started junior high or high school. This might make them especially concerned about making a good impression on peers by having the latest cool swag. These cool Christmas presents will give gift givers ideas about what to buy.


  • Senario My Secret Circle Network Key– Approximate retail price: $25. This online tool allows young internet users to safely socialize with friends online. Teens can chat, add photos and play online games while parents are assured they will encounter no strangers or advertisements.
  • UCREATE Music- Approximate retail price: $35. This mixer allows teens to create music and share it online with friends. The online site also allows users to mix tracks and use special effects.
  • Old Navy Clothing– Approximate retail price: varies. Parents and teens alike shop at Old Navy to find clothes that are in style at very reasonable prices. On top of their budget friendly everyday prices, Old Navy shoppers can search their website for weekly special deals.

Shopping for teens can be difficult, but these holiday gift ideas for preteens and young teens will give parents, family and friends a starting point. Preteen ideas include advanced games and electronics, while young teen holiday gift ideas include online games and clothing.

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