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New & Unusual Christmas Gifts for Pilots & Aviation Enthusiasts

Published by Theo Jiau

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In an article a year ago, I gave some suggestions for aviation related Christmas presents. But things have moved on, and there are a number of new and unusual items on the market, which would make unique gifts for those who fly as a hobby, or those interested in the wider world of aviation. I hope you will find something of use in the following…

Gifts for Aviation Enthusiasts

Transair, who sell via their website, catalogue, and a series of shops in the UK, have a wide range of aviation gifts, including some new aviation items which I have never seen before. They have a number of jigsaws on aviation related themes, and also some very attractive wall plaques. One of these, which is sure to be popular with any pilot or would-be pilot, is of John Gillespie Magee’s famous poem, ‘High Flight’.

Transair also have aviation-themed mugs, and a series of playing cars featuring the Dawn of Flight, Churchill, or the Battle of Britain. They have a series of novelty ties showing different types of aircraft, and one with Morse Code…very unusual. Or you can buy a ‘Spirit of St Louis’ compass or alarm clock.

Gifts for Pilots

Pilots are often practical types who would appreciate something useful. They also frequently spend all their money on flying, so are short of funds for aviation items. Therefore you might want to consider something practical, like a logbook, or a headset, flight bag, or GPS. It is best to find out what the pilot likes or already has, as pilots tend to be quite particular about these kinds of items.

For female flyers, an organization called Powder Puff Pilot has a number of aviation gifts aimed at women, so it is worth doing a search and taking a look at their website. They have several new items this year. A lot of their stuff is in pink, but not everything, if the intended recipient isn’t the sort of lady who appreciates that sort of thing.

Aviation Books

Books on flying always go down well with anyone who is keen on flying. New ones I have seen this year include manuals on the iconic Chipmunk and Tiger Moth. Also recently published is “Ideals and Training of a Flying Officer”, the diary of a pilot who learned to fly in 1916. For the qualified pilot, James Allen has written “Clearer Horizons”, which gives ideas for pilots who want to progress beyond the basic flying skills. Finally – although not in the ‘new’ category, the AFE catalogue has some excellent half-price book bargains, including a gorgeous-looking aerial photography book called “Breaking Free”.

Hopefully the above will have given you some useful Christmas gift ideas for that special Christmas present. If none of them seem right, it is worth going to some aviation bookshops, and one can be found at most large airports. Happy aviation gift hunting!

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