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New York Sheep and Wool Festival

Published by Talitha Lahaye

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The New York Sheep and wool festival is a delight for any yarn lover, and is fun for the rest of the family as well!

What is a Sheep and Wool Festival?

Sheep and wool festivals are held in a few areas of the country, with most occurring on a yearly basis. These festivals are meccas for fiber lovers. Those who knit and crochet will find more yarn than they could ever dream exists. Weavers can find yarn and weaving tools, spinners can find roving, batts of fiber or even entire fleeces, as well as a variety of spinning wheels and handheld spindles.

As the name implies, sheep and wool festivals also focus heavily on sheep, as well as alpacas, goats and other fiber-giving animals. There are often platforms for owners and farms to show their animals and win prizes. Some festivals also have contests, such as sheep to shawl, in which individuals or teams have to go from fleece to completed knit object in the shortest amount of time.

About the Sheep and Wool Festival in Upstate New York

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival is held annually in beautiful upstate New York during the third weekend in October. Rhinebeck, New York, becomes the temporary home of fiber lovers from all walks of life.

In addition to the fiber vendors, those who head to this festival can enjoy a variety of food booths, as well as book signings and talks given by some of the hottest names in the knitting world.

Parking is free and ample in the fairgrounds at Rhinebeck, and admission can be purchased for only one day, or for both Saturday and Sunday at a discounted price.

Fun for the Family

Even non-knitters or spinners will have a great time at the sheep and wool festival. Upstate New York is breathtaking in October, and the scenery alone is worth the trip. There are also many things to look at for those who don’t want to spend the day shopping. For example, the border collie and sheepdog trials are entertaining for the whole family.

In addition, there are several building selling things unrelated to yarn,. like gourmet foods, artist prints, decorations and hard to find gadgets.

For the kids, there are several amusement park type rides to keep them entertained.

If you love to knit crochet, weave, spin or just enjoy looking at animals, check out the Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, New York. If you live in the northeast, check with your local yarn store, as some stores organize bus trips for the occasion.

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