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Newborn Halloween Costumes – Infant Halloween Costumes

Published by Anissa Messano

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Baby Halloween Costumes

Animal costumes can be a lot of fun. Not only are they adorable, many of them help to keep a baby warm in colder weather. Perhaps your baby boy reminds you of a mischievous monkey or your baby girl seems like a beautiful bunny. Other animal costume suggestions include:

  • kitty
  • lion
  • panda
  • tiger
  • frog
  • dinosaur
  • skunk
  • bear

As tempting as it may be, it’s best to avoid putting make-up on a baby’s face as babies tend to touch their faces a lot. Let the costumes stand alone. Undoubtedly your baby will look sweet enough without make-up.

Halloween Costumes For Babies

Transform your baby girl into a beautiful princess. There are some wonderful Disney costumes for babies including Cinderella. Other Disney character costume ideas include Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Baby Mickey, Baby Minnie, and Dumbo.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Star Wars costumes are available from baby sizes to adult sizes. Consider having the entire family dress as various characters from these beloved George Lucas movies. Prefer something more Halloween themed? How about a pumpkin costume or infant vampire attire?

Who doesn’t love super heroes? They always offer so much hope to the world. Some precious baby superhero costumes to consider for your little one include Supergirl, Batman, and the Incredible Hulk. Pirates costumes are always a big hit. So are pretty angel costumes. Perhaps you envision your infant girl as a delicate flower or your infant boy as a baby rock and roller.

Newborn Baby Halloween Costumes

Looking for a bunting costume? How about a ladybug or a bumblebee? An infant girl can be costumed as Snow White while a newborn boy can dress as Spiderman or Superman. Another cute bunting costume for girls is Raggedy Ann.

It’s exciting to dress a baby for her first Halloween. There are so many fantastic costumes to choose from. If shopping online, sites like HalloweenExpress.com and Target.com are two of just many sites that offer a large variety of Halloween costumes. Whether hosting or attending a Halloween party or going trick-or-treating, there are lots of great costume choices for your baby for Halloween.

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