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Non-Halloween Halloween Activities

Published by Kareem Wycoff

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Boo Humbug!


re you a Halloween hater? Do you keep your house lights off on October 31st, so no one will stop by? Don’t even like to think about Halloween and the costumes and candy that go with it? If you are a Halloween hater, here are some non-Halloween activities for Halloween.

One non-Halloween activity that will keep you from thinking about Halloween: Think Christmas instead.

Begin your Christmas decorating. Think how good it will feel to be singing Jingle Bells when so many others are yelling “Trick or Treat!” Eat Christmas candy rather than Halloween candy.

Start your Christmas shopping lists. On October 31st, there are only 50-something shopping days to Christmas, and it’s never too early to shop. Just think, if you got it all done early enough, you could be sitting at home relaxing on ‘black Friday,’ laughing at all the people up and standing in line in front of a store at 4 am, or shopping frantically on Christmas Eve.

Then you could be laughing at all the people standing in long lines at the post office or UPS trying to get their packages sent at the last minute, and paying exorbitant rates to get it there on time.

Watch Christmas movies. Love, Actually, is a good Christmas movie without being too sappy, as is Die Hard, in an adventurous way, and Bad Santa, in an irreverent way.

Too early, you think? Not when you consider stores have had their Christmas merchandise out for weeks already.

If a Christmas non-Halloween activity is just too much for you, then think Thanksgiving. On Halloween, Thanksgiving is less than a month away.

Get out your Thanksgiving decorations if you have any, and decorate your house. Make some if you don’t have them already, and then decorate with them.

If you’re big on cooking for Thanksgiving, get out your cookbooks and plan your menu. Decide who will be coming, and invite them.

Christmas and/or Thanksgiving hater as well as a Halloween hater? Try one of these non-Halloween activities.

Clean house. Boring, but productive, and there are enough things you could do to keep you busy throughout the day and/or evening: dishes, vacuuming, laundry, window washing, closet cleaning. Take all this on and the last thing you’ll be thinking about is Halloween.

Read a book. As long as it’s not set around the holidays, reading a book is a sure way to keep Halloween out of mind.

Play a game. Board games if your whole family is anti-Halloween, solitaire if you’re the only one. This is a non-Halloween activity that’s also a good any-day activity.

Watch scary movies that have nothing to do with Halloween. The original TheOmen and The Mothman Prophecies always work for me.

Put on earphones and listen to your favorite music. With the earphones on, you can be assured you won’t hear any stray Halloween sounds.

If none of these suggestions sound good for your non-Halloween activity, come up with one of your own. Just remember that if you’re trying to totally ignore Halloween, you can’t turn on the television (the Great Pumpkin resides there), go outside (that’s where the trick-or-treaters are), listen to the radio (can you believe how many Halloween songs there are?), or read a magazine (unless it’s an old one).

Happy Halloween Halloween haters. Boo-Humbug!




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