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Oh, Halloween

Published by Irina Spinoza

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A Humorous Overlook of Halloween Experiences at UC Santa Barbara

When most people think of Halloween, they may imagine scary costumes, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses. But ever since my college experiences at UC Santa Barbara, I will forever think of Halloween as girls in skimpy outfits in 50-degree weather. The secret? Lots of alcohol in lieu of a warm coat.

Don’t get me wrong, I was one of them. Since Halloween in Isla Vista-the college town adjacent to UCSB-lasts for about a week, I had at least four different scanty costumes each year to flaunt myself in.

I have been a cowgirl, Batgirl, a schoolgirl, and every other kind of costume that ends in girl you can think of. I have worn black wigs, pink wigs, and purple wigs, and each time I walked down the infamous Del Playa-the party street in Isla Vista-some stranger has managed to stroke my hair. Last year I decided to be all Christina Ricci characters, so depending on the night I was Little Red Riding Hood, Wednesday Adams, or Trixie from Speed Racer. But my favorite costume was Sailor Mars, partly because I had made the costume and it was a point of pride, but mostly because I love anime and she is hot. I wore that costume three nights in a row, and each night I managed to meet up with some stranger dressed as Sailor Moon, my fellow Sailor Soldier. There are probably pictures of us together somewhere on the Internet, but I never had my camera with me so I don’t have any.

After living in Isla Vista for four years, I think I have seen it all. Every year, at least 20,000 out-of-towners flock to square mile that is I.V. to partake in the celebrations. It has gotten so out of control that during Halloween weekends, noise ordinances are put in place at 6 p.m., cops from as far away as San Louis Obispo come as reinforcements, floodlights are all over the streets, and policemen ride horses to get around. And everybody walks down Del Playa, more commonly known as D.P., so no one can move more than one mile per hour and the whole walk down the street you are elbow to elbow with everyone.

Instead of trick-or-treating, there are parties and lots of drinking. Almost all the girls walk around in practically nothing, with their “costumes” ranging from slutty Alice in Wonderland to slutty Little Bo Peep. Almost all the guys go for the funny costumes. I’ve seen an entire floor of freshmen paint themselves blue like smerfs, 26 people pose as the alphabet, and a gang of bananas stopping every now and again to do the Peanut Butter Jelly dance. There have been people walking side-by-side in cardboard boxes as a six-pack of beer, a couple dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Pac man, and many, many giant penises. I have also seen several times a group of young men who planted themselves at a table in the middle of the street, holding up numbers and judging all the women who pass them. When flash mobs were popular again, there was a night where zombies roamed the streets.

And the list goes on. I have at least a thousand pictures from all the Halloweens I’ve participated in I.V. And I’m sure there are at least a million pictures of this annual epic event posted on Facebook.



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