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Old Fashioned Candy Easter Baskets: Step Back a Few Decades This Year With Sweet Treats From Years Ago

This Easter, think fresh vintage, because that’s exactly what candy from the past is. While it may be harder and harder to find a pack of Necco’s or a box of Lemon Heads, that shouldn’t get anyone down. In fact, it should make it all the more important to step back a few years and give loved ones a trip down memory lane with old fashioned candy.

Why Buy Old Fashioned Candy This Easter?

For those who may wonder, why would anyone like Dots candy, the enjoyment for many is not that they bring denchers out more easily, but because having a box, or sharing one, brings one back to simpler times before mortgage payments, tax issues, and updating one’s will.

When Baby Boomers and those of the Greatest Generation hit up a Zagnut bar or unravel licorice laces, it gives them the chance to step back into the past, rejuvenate wonderful (perhaps rose-colored) memories of childhood, and enjoy a treat that had been a favorite from years ago.

In doing this, not only can Easter be more exciting, but it can also be a great way to tell someone they are loved.

What Kind of Candy Goes Into an Old Fashioned Easter Basket?

There are probably hundreds of candies to put in a basket of this kind, but some surefire winners would be:

● Goobers

● York Peppermint Patties

● Chuckles

● Big Red gum

● Bit-O-Honey

● Cracker Jack

● Rock candy

● Root Beer Drops

● Lemon Drops

● Smarties

● Gum balls

● Nik-L-Nips

● Wax Lips

● Candy lip stick

Picking and choosing among this list would be a great way to say thanks for great Easters older loved ones have given in the past, but candy isn’t the only way.

Add Something Extra Special With History

A great novelty to any old fashioned Easter basket is something related to the history of the recipient’s life. For example, if the person was born in 1940, a pamphlet of key things that had happened that year would be a great gift.

Another idea of this kind would be to purchase a copy of a newspaper from the day she was born offering a special insight of what was going on in the world on that day.

Making people feel special on Easter isn’t very hard, but it does take a little thought. When it comes to older loved ones, help them step back a bit by filling an Easter basket with candy from the past, and whatever else would be interesting, whether it’s a newspaper, movie, or a synopsis of what was going on in the world

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