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Online Halloween Games

Published by Jack Pfeifle

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There are many places where one can find free online web games. There are sites that offer free online Halloween games too. Here are some of the best.

Benjerry.com has a few fun Halloween games. You can try to escape a mummy’s tomb or battle an undead ghoul online. Here you can also play “boogie bones”, where you use skeletons like drums, and carve a virtual pumpkin.

Kaboose has some fun Halloween games that are kid friendly. Kids can help Dr. Frankenstein with his experiments – it seems he got some heads mixed up and needs help figuring out which head has the brain in it. Kids can also help Colonel Kerfuffle escape Castle Calamity with his treasure, or color a spooky picture.

Cavernsofblood.com has a good selection of online Halloween games. Most of these games are suitable for all ages. Gamers can navigate their way through a castle or virtual haunted house or have fun with the “magic 8 ball of horror” or the “oracle of horror”. The oracle of horror gives timely advice like when you party in a public building, don’t eat the urinal cakes.

Dltk-holidays.com has a handful of games suitable for young kids. Halloween themed coloring pages, tic-tac-toe, hangman, memory and word searches can be found here. These would be fun to play at home or even in the classroom.

Even Hershey has a fun Halloween page. This page has coloring pages too. Kids and adults can also take a quiz to see if they know how to stay safe when trick-or-treating. There is also a personality quiz one can take to see what kind of Halloween character they are – a trendsetting Transylvanian, perhaps.

Thekidzpage.com has a page full of fun things. From here you can play Halloween mahjong or “eyeball bounce”. Virtual dress-up games, jig saw puzzles and clip art can be found on this site as well.

If you’re looking for more kid friendly online Halloween games, check out www.surfnetkids.com. The site recommends sites that have games that are safe for kids to play. What makes this particular page great is a person wrote a little bit about each site recommended; links aren’t automatically added by website owners.

There are a lot of websites with online games out there, and many of them have games that feature a holiday like Halloween. Hopefully this has given you an idea of where to start looking. Have fun!



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