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Organizing a Halloween Safety Watch with Your Neighbors

Published by Celine Treso

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A group of concerned neighbors banding together for a common interest is not an original concept. Community watch groups have been around since the days of The Old West, and are generally only as effective as the quality of individuals participating. Halloween is an annual occasion that begs for some organized oversight, and as important as it has become to guard young children in today’s World. it is one of several areas requiring attention.

Halloween is the yearly opportunity for mischief for those possessing a bit of the Devil. Although soaped windows and toilet papered trees are hardly serious crimes, they are time consuming and labor intensive to correct. Stray animals and unlit properties pose a danger for the little ones searching for goodies. Adults attending Halloween parties may tend to overindulge in Alcohol consumption, presenting a possibly tragic ending to an otherwise happy occasion.

Organizing a Neighborhood Watch for Halloween is fairly easy, and not very time consuming. First enlist the help of a few Neighbor Buddies to contact everyone in a outlined area, this can be done by telephone but is better in person. Explain what is entailed and what You hope to accomplish, i.e., protect Children, minimize vandalism, etc. Make it clear that it will take a small effort to make a large difference, and You are not asking everyone to give up an entire evening. All that is required to participate is for everyone to:

Look – Keep an eye out for the safety of children.

Protect- Protect your Neighbors property as though it were your own, prevent or stop vandalism as it becomes evident.

Call – Don’t be afraid or hesitant to call the Police if something does not look right.

Note- Note any automobiles or people who you are unfamiliar with, actually write a note describing who and what you see.

Light- Make sure as many lights are on as is possible in the Neighborhood.

Clean- Clean your property prior to Halloween, remove trip hazards or items that may be used to cause mischief.

Park- If you have a garage, park your car inside. It provides a better line of sight and it’s a valuable item that won’t be damaged.

Walk- Even if you don’t have kids, the more responsible adults out and about the better.

Talk- Let it be known there will be extra eyes watching this Halloween, this may discourage potential mischief.

Police- Most Police are eager to work with Citizens groups, you may not receive it, but ask for a couple of extra patrols on Halloween Night.

Recognize- Most communities have Habitual Sexual Predators registered on line at a Police Website. See if there are any in your area, and discretely steer children clear of these houses.

Additionally, every Neighborhood has residents who are retired or are Night Owls. There are also many people who work 2nd or 3rd shift and are up at all hours. These are the folks who can watch the neighborhood after most people go to sleep.




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