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Organizing a Successful Halloween Food Drive

Published by Marisa Coen

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It Takes More Than Food Collection

It is always good to collect food for people. The reason that Halloween is a great time is that it is getting close to both Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are number of ways to obtain food through a Halloween food drive. First, organizations such as fire and police departments who give out candy can put out boxes for people to place cans and dry foods in. Often they will put out flyers for you.

Go through schools. Ask kids who are in grade and even middle schools to let people in their neighborhoods know when they come for candy they would like donations; if possible provide a can or box of food.

There will need to be parents strategically involved so that kids can drop food off since they can’t carry a lot of food around.

Additional places to ask for help in getting the word out are the Salvation Army, your church or synagogue and the local newspaper.

Many radio stations are willing to do public service messages for free.

One thing that is very valuable is to create a contest within in the work of collecting. If for example, you create a contest among schools with the school that gets the most donations getting some type of prize or recognition, it is amazing what type of enthusiasm you get.

Two other groups that are very adept at collecting at Halloween are both Boys and Girls Scouts.

However, actually, collecting the food at Halloween can sometimes be the easy part. How are you going to get the food to people who need it?

The food can be given to church pantries. Food can be boxed up and delivered to people who need help.

It is good idea to line up drivers that can deliver these “care boxes.”

Another thing that can be done at Halloween is to try and recruit commercial or corporate sponsors. In other words, companies can donate say turkeys or hams to go with the food that your minions collect in their door-to-door efforts.

So, basically, creating a food collection effort for Halloween consists of using different organizations to actually go-to-door. Then, have contests among the organizations. Organize corporate sponsors who are giving out candy to collect food.

Talk to potential corporate sponsors for “main meal” donations.

Create a cadre of delivery drivers and outlets to give away the food or make it available for pick-up.

These efforts will result in a successful food drive.

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