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Organizing Halloween Food Drives

Published by Loria Nicka

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Halloween is the Unofficial kick-off of the Holiday Season, when most people are more receptive to the idea of giving, in time as well as monetarily. This is also the time of year that most charitable organizations need the most help, as their resources are stretched beyond reasonable expectations of financial replacement. Social Service Organizations may be running of of grant monies, and there is little hope of new funding possibilities until the new Calendar Year.

A single individual or family unit can make quite a difference in many lives by organizing a Halloween Food Drive, to help boost local food banks. Contributions may available from many organizations and people, and the amount collected is limited only by imagination and creativity. A good thing to remember is when it comes to collecting for for charity volume matters. It is better to have a case of Baked Beans as opposed to 4 small tins of Smoked Oysters, Don’t lose sight of the objective, you’re trying to feed hungry people in dire need of assistance, and basically help keep them healthy and alive until their personal situation changes.

To begin, collecting food stuffs personally item by item is not time efficient. Try to establish central collection points where collected items may be gathered, stored, and transferred to a distribution point. Make certain to contact the food distribution charities before you begin to collect, as many have certain guidelines for accepting goods and have limited storage space. Here are the best place I’ve discovered to operate a successful food drive:

Church – Every Church Day there are hundreds of decent people gathering who would probably be glad to give, if they were aware of a drive. Spread the word with Church Friends, The Pastor, and Church Groups. It can be included in the Church Bulletin and with a few volunteers food can be collected and stored at the Church.

Work – Pretty much the same layout as the Church collection. Raise the cost of the Coffee Club by $1 a month and donate it to the food bank or buy can goods to donate. Run an office pool for sports seasons and skim 25% for a food donation. If you work for a large company that has deep pockets, hit them up for a donation – it’s bad employee Public Relations to say no.

Social and Civic Organizations – Just about everyone belongs to some type of organization, and these are great place to collect for a food drive. Veterans Clubs, Women’s Clubs, School Booster Organizations, etc. have the membership and organizational skills that can really make an impact.

If you really want a successful Halloween Food Drive, incorporate as many organizations as practical. Again, remember the cumulative effect of gathering, one case of goods multiplied by 50 organizations equals many full stomachs.

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