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Origins of Halloween

Published by Jc Rawling

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The Origin of a Spooky Holiday Un-told

The name Halloween comes from long ago, but the tradition of Halloween came long before. Halloween, or Samhain, as it was originally known was started to celebrate the New Year. It marked the end of a long summer and crop harvest. Samhain first started in the land of the Celtics around 2016 years ago. The Celts celebrated by creating large bonfires and burning things like crops or animals. Usually the animals were meant as sacrifice to Celtic gods. Throughout the years Romans took over and changed Samhain. Eventually the name was changed to Halloween and traditions changed drastically.

The original name of Halloween was once Samhain. The word Samhain is from the old Irish language and refers to November 1st. By around A.D. 42 Romans had conquered the old Celtic territory. They created two new celebrations which were mixed with the tradition of Samhain. The first was a day to celebrate and honor Pomona. Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. The second day was Feralia, a day in late October to honor those who have passed away. By the early 800s Christians had influenced the land. Pope Boniface IV decided that November 1st would be called All Saints Day. Eventually the day before All Saints Day, earlier known as Samhain was changed to All-hallows Eve, which soon became known as Halloween.

The origin of Halloween was over 2016 years ago, but with time the holiday adapted into what it is known as today. Immigrants from Europe soon migrated to the Americas and they brought along the modern traditions of Halloween. In Europe, because of protestant beliefs, the celebration of Halloween was very limited, so as immigrants arrived in America, a new version of Halloween began to emerge. They brought along with them the ideas of costumes and parties and events where people would tell scary stories to each other and dance all night.

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