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Our Favorite Halloween Traditions

Published by Lamar Buker

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My girls and I have some things we like to do each year at Halloween time. You could say we have made them our traditions. We’d like to share them with you in case you find any of them fun and want to try them yourselves.

  1. Carving the pumpkin:Okay, okay I know everyone does this so it’s nothing new, but how can you not include this in to your Halloween tradition. We bought a carving kit one-year after Halloween so we got it for 90% off. Of course we had to wait until the next year to use it, but it was worth the wait. Each year we choose an animal to carve our pumpkin. Last year we choose a cat. I should say my daughter choose. It made it more fun than just carving a normal pumpkin face.
  2. Fun with Hay:There are usually places all around town that start offering hayrides, but we tend to go where it’s free. That’s because I am a single mom and every penny counts. My youngest daughter is disabled so we get to go to Storybookland for free each Halloween. They have a hayride and a hay maze, which the kid’s just love. Within the Hay maze are 12 stations. Each station has a sticker. When you enter you are given sheet of paper with a spot for each number. When you are finished the maze you have created a whole picture.
  3. Parades:The kids often get more candy at the parades then they do on Halloween. Luckily for us the parade is right down the street from my Grandmom’s house so we can walk. The girls take their baskets to collect all of the candy. We have never wanted to be in the parade, but if you have unique costumes each year you could make it a tradition for your family to be in the parade. I have never heard of them turning anyone away who wanted to participate.
  4. Alternative Parties:I don’t take my girls door to door on Halloween. We go to a church in the next town. They have a huge party during Halloween hours where kids play games for their candy. Whether they win or lose they get a handful of candy each time. You also get to enter to win prizes, have some face painting done, make a craft, and hear a Bible story. Parents have their own area to sit and have snacks with other moms and dads while their kids have fun with the games. It’s a safe way for the whole family to have a good time.
  5. Classroom Goodie Bags:Just for fun the girls and I love to decorate a plain brown lunch bag with Halloween stampers and then fill it with some treats. The girls can take them to school and hand them out to their friends.



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