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Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

Published by Lana Takagi

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Many Americans enjoy decorating their homes for the Christmas holiday. This includes the interior and exterior of the home. Care needs to be given not to create an eyesore for the neighborhood.

Christmas Lights Planning

Prior to decorating the exterior of a home with lights, you need to create a plan. Begin by finding example pictures on the internet or holiday magazines. Some people prefer a classical holiday look, while others prefer a dramatic light display. Understanding your own decorating style is key.

After you have found example pictures, print out or clip out the pictures. Note the types of lights that are used in the pictures. Are the lights colored or clear, small or large bulb, incandescent or LED, and flame shape or other? Also note where the lights are placed outdoors. Most people will place lights along the edging of their home’s roof or wrapped around a large tree. Compare the pictures with your home and how to incorporate the two.


Another thought to decorating with lights outside includes using accessories that also light up. Once again, use your own preference with selecting accessories. Examples of accessories include large plastic snowmen or santas, grapevine reindeer, and hanging globes and signs.

Christmas Light Shows

More and more residents are creating elaborate light shows. This entails a coordinating the lights in the yard to turn on and off in a specific sequence. Some people also use music and time the lights with the music.

In order to create a light or light and sound show, you need to purchase a light show kit. Kits can range from $60 to over a $1000 depending on the complexity of the light show. One kit, The Lights and Sounds of Christmas, is an affordable and easy to use system. This kit powers up to 1440 watts and plays 20 different Christmas songs.

Professional Lighting Companies

Companies are now available to hang lights and decorate resident homes for the Christmas season. Many people use this service because of the time and energy saved by not doing it themselves. One company, Silver Moon Lighting, charges a minimum of $500 to assist with this service.

When considering this type of service, consider the following:

  • Is the company insured in case of damage?
  • Is the company listed with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Is their a consultation fee?
  • Does the company have examples of past projects?
  • Does the company have customer testimonials?
  • Will the company assist for free or fee if bulbs need replacing?

Decorating for the holiday season can be fun and enjoyable. Care needs to be given to planning the number of lights to use and how to effectively use the lights. Overdone decorate homes or gawdy decorated homes may land your home on the Ugly Christmas Lights website.

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