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Over 50 Button-activated Automated Scenes in Kannapolis Christmas Display

Quite a village rests behind the train tracks, but this village is not static. Once visitors discover that the buttons along the edge of the display create action with each scene, they may find it difficult to resist pushing the more than 50 buttons around the room.

Members of the ACSG also program the great variety of automated button-activated scenes. Most are run for about five seconds. Some scenes require that the person press and hold the button to enjoy the full effect of the scene. Young and old will find their curiosity satisfied as they push buttons to turn on lights, turn characters, move objects, and much more.

The display offers a wide variety of interactive scenes, with a few examples below:

  • Circus rides with carousel, Ferris wheel, balloon, and more
  • Log loader
  • Playground, complete with kids swinging and riding rides
  • Tree house
  • Dog chasing a mailman
  • Dog show
  • American flag
  • Hot dog stand
  • Duck shoot from a fair
  • Hunter searching for a fox
  • Miniature golf scene
  • Watchtower.

Interspersed among the various scenes are a collection of matchbox cars, an old toy school bus, and many other fun toys with a transportation theme. Those looking at the display may also be surprised to picture themselves in the scene at one point … with a little help from a video camera.

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