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Paranormal Research Not Just for Halloween

Published by Marvin Carreira

Star Wars and shows like Star Trek, things related to space, space travel, and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life became more mainstream and acceptable to talk about. Furthermore, the suspicion of the Cold War era and the ultra-secret programs of the U.S. and Soviet military only further fueled speculation about what the government actually knew regarding Roswell and other subsequent UFO sightings around the country and around the world. It seems that suspicion and speculation became part of the mindset of modern Americans.

Somewhere in this rejection of government and traditional patriotism there also emerged a rejection of traditionalist thinking in general and this included more traditional forms of religious thinking such as Christianity as it had been passed down through the institution of the Christian church. Those longing to break away from the stale and dry version of that “old time religion” found themselves more accepting of New Age and, to some degree, occult thought as well. It seemed as if anything outside of the lines of traditional thinking was becoming normalized and, as we have moved into the twenty-first century, has become the norm. In the cable era where there is less network control of the airwaves, shows with paranormal themes or that document paranormal investigation have become some of the most popular shows on the tube. Some of this is likely the result of the influence of AM radio talk shows like that of Art Bell who refused to think within the lines and became one of the most popular radio talk show hosts to ever hit the air waves. The legacy of his show lives on with new host George Noory in the form of coast to coast am aired nightly around the country. It seems as if the paranormal is now what is normal and, to think otherwise, would be, well, abnormal.


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