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Pearl Jam Christmas Songs : Rare Tunes from the Holiday Singles

Published by Heidi Knuth

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If you’re a member of Pearl Jam’s official fan club, then you’ll know that each year, the band releases two or three songs on old-fashion vinyl and sends them out to fans as a holiday gift. The songs aren’t necessarily holiday-themed tunes, but over the years, the group has put out several Christmas songs that may have slipped past the casual fan. So, here are five lesser-known Pearl Jam songs for the holiday season. Enjoy!

Let Me Sleep

“Let Me Sleep” is the oldest of the bunch. Co-composed by singer Eddie Vedder and lead guitarist Mike McCready, it was first released on the band’s 1991 Christmas single, but can now be found on the band’s B-sides album Lost Dogs. A pretty straightforward song about the magic the holidays can have for children.


Don’t Believe in Christmas

Originally performed by a group called The Sonics, “Don’t Believe in Christmas” came out on the band’s 2002 holiday single. The only other spot where in can be found in the band’s entire catalogue is on the Live At The Shoebox DVD, which was recorded the same year. “Don’t Believe in Christmas” is an upbeat-tempo song that is best thrown on at a Christmas party after everyone’s already drunk.

Someday at Christmas

This classic Christmas song made famous by both Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5 appears on the 2004 holiday single. Pearl Jam’s version is unique twist on the original and perhaps the group’s most acclaimed Christmas tune.

Santa God

“Santa God” is a Pearl Jam original that came out on the 2007 single. About way back in the day when Santa Claus was God. Remember that?

Jingle Bells

This one is also featured on the 2007 single (the band was in a particular festive mood that holiday season), and is the group’s version of the very same “Jingle Bells” we all know and love. This one, however, is an hard-rock instrumental take on the song, featuring distortion pedals and a number of McCready guitar solos. A must hear for all fans, but probably best enjoyed towards the end of your annual holiday party.

If you can get your hands on them, the Pearl Jam holiday singles have a lot of great rare tracks on them. As I’ve mentioned, the songs usually aren’t holiday-themed, but they do pop up from time to time. Not sure what the band has in store for this year, but there could very be something else to add to this list. Happy holidays everyone!

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