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Personalized Christmas Cards: Corporate Greeting Cards to Celebrate the Holidays

Published by Twila Torivio

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Christmas cards are a way for businesses to keep in touch with retired employees and thank current staff for their hard work throughout the year. Personalized holiday greeting cards are a way to send a special message to clients and staff.

The Tradition of the Christmas Card

Christmas cards began in England in the early 1800s, when a busy gentleman named Sir Henry Cole decided that his list of Christmas letters had gotten too long. He loved writing letters to all of his friends and family for Christmas, but he couldn’t hand write enough. He got a printer to create cards for him, and the Christmas card was born.

Personalize Holiday Cards with a Christmas Greeting

These days, many people and organizations are like Sir Henry, with a desire to greet and thank friends, family and employees, but no time. For companies with a large number of staff, it’s not always possible to hand write Christmas cards. However, it is possible to add a personal message to existing business cards. For a small additional fee, most personalized card companies will add a short message that reflects a business’s seasonal greeting to employees and clients.

Add a Photo to a Holiday Card

Be creative! The photo doesn’t necessarily need to be of head office or management. Hold a contest to choose the funniest photo of staff. Choose a calm winter scene that everyone will enjoy. A photo is an easy way to personalize a greeting card. Companies like VistaPrint and Tiny Prints can easily customize photo cards and create unique layouts and backgrounds.

Recycled Greeting Cards Bring Home an Environmental Message

Card companies realize the companies are watching their environmental bottom line. Some companies like Cards Direct offer lines of 100% post-consumer waste greeting cards. Send out an environmental message with recycled greeting cards. Look for cards that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Variations on the Personalized Greeting Card

Holiday cards can be as fancy or as simple as a company would like to make them. Choose from die-cut cards or embossed cards. Design a card that is personalized with photos of a specific city or town. Sound Expression Greetings has even developed a Christmas card that sings Christmas carols!

Personalized Holiday Cards are for Clients Too

A personalized corporate card is also a good way to thank clients for a year of business. Choose from a wide variety of different photos and pictures on the cards. It is often possible to do different print runs of different pictures for specific types of corporate client.

A Card for Everyone

Personalized cards don’t need to be Christmas cards, either. At card companies such as Design Crafters, it’s possible to choose seasonal cards that are non-denominational or suitable for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.

Choosing a corporate holiday card does not need to be an onerous task. Get creative and have fun with Christmas greeting cards, and employees and clients will appreciate the thought that went into creating a wonderful, personalized card.

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