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Personalizing Corporate Christmas Cards: Adding Hand-Written Blessings to Business Holiday Cards, Greetings

Published by Etha Blubaugh

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Businesses that send out personalized business holiday cards will not only express meaningful and heartwarming sentiments, but will also foster business relationships with clients and employees. Pre-made holiday greeting cards are fine, but adding a personal expression of thanks or a blessing of health and happiness will be an appreciated gesture. Hand-written holiday notes will add sincerity to the corporate Christmas cards and be worth the extra effort.

That being said, some personalized holiday greetings are more appropriate than others. Executives must keep in mind the employee and/or client who will be receiving the business holiday card. This article will give tips on what to write and what not to write in a corporate Christmas card, as well as examples of acceptable and non-secular sentiments.

Tips for Personalizing Corporate Christmas Cards

When a business decides to send out its annual company holiday greetings, it must keep in mind the beliefs and situations of its recipients. Here is a list of acceptable and unacceptable sentiments/elements for general personalized holiday greetings:


  • Offer thanks and appreciation
  • Include wishes of success, health, and happiness
  • Offer congratulations for a personal or professional achievement
  • Use the first and last name to sign the card (not just the first name)
  • Be professional with words and phrases
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Start crafting the holiday messages early



  • Include religious sayings and sentiments
  • Choose a card with religious overtones
  • Include aggressive sales pitches
  • Include work goals or desired improvements for the coming year
  • Just sign the card with the company name without a personal message
  • Be overly joyous with words, especially not knowing the situation of the receiver

Hand-Written Blessings and Ideas for Business Holiday Cards

Sometimes it may be difficult to think of what to say when personalizing a business holiday card for employees or customers. However, there are many thoughtful words and phrases to consider when crafting a hand-written note. Here is a list of ideas, blessings, and sentiments appropriate for corporate Christmas cards.

  • Best wishes for the coming year
  • Blessings of health and happiness this holiday season
  • Thank you for your unparalleled devotion
  • Many thanks to you for your continued business/support
  • Wishing you prosperity in the coming year
  • Warm regards for a festive holiday
  • Sincere sentiments during this joyous season
  • Remembering all you have done for us this year
  • I/We appreciate your effort/hard work
  • May fortune and good health be with you during the holidays and beyond
  • Looking forward to another successful year
  • Blessings of peace, laughter, and prosperity this season
  • Happy holidays to you and your family
  • May your holiday be filled with happiness/joy/good cheer

When a corporate Christmas card is personalized, the sentiment will be appreciated. Adding a simple hand-written phrase to a business holiday card can promote good business relationships with employees and customers and nurture feelings of holiday cheer and good will. Professional and thoughtful holiday blessings added within a holiday greeting card will be a personal touch that means so much more than just a signature.

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