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Photo Christmas Card Ideas – Pretty Designs & Unique Templates

Published by Logan Turmelle

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Creating a family Christmas card can be fun, yet time-consuming. Not only are there thousands of templates to choose from online, there are multiple card sizes and types of paper to make the decision even more complicated.

I have attempted to simplify this process for you by finding three pretty, unique, customizable Christmas card designs. In addition to these cute Christmas photo card designs, you will find advice for choosing something unique to mail to friends and family, as well as a resource that describes family Christmas card photograph ideas.


Modern, Creative Christmas Photo Card Templates – Cute, Pretty Customizable Designs

Customized holiday photo cards are all the rage these days. Many modern families opt for personalized Christmas photo cards that can be developed and mailed as-is to friends and family instead of handwritten messages on traditional folded greeting cards.

  • Modern mosaic Christmas photo card template – Snapfish has a cool customizable greeting card template that accommodates 12 miniature photos into a red- and green-themed card. It’s available in 4” x 8” or 5” x 7” sizes, and can be customized with a message if desired. The direct link to this design does not always work, so the best way to find it is to visit the Christmas card section of Snapfish.com and search for “Christmas mosaic photo card.” It will be the one by the designer Tumbalina.
  • Creative Christmas photo card template – Shutterfly offers a 5” x 7” folded card with a creative Ho Ho Ho theme. On a light blue background with white snowflakes all over, the phrase Ho Ho Ho appears in red and white. But instead of hollow letter Os, photos are inserted in the circles.
  • Pretty Christmas photo card design – On Etsy.com, seller Gotta Love Them offers a cute family Christmas card template in either 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” formats. Buyers can purchase the digital file to print this card at home or through any photo printing shop; for a different price, Gotta Love Them will print these cards on photo paper or cardstock.

Unique Photo Christmas Card Ideas – Christian Themes & Non-Holiday Pictures

One way to create a unique Christmas photo card is to actually go with a Christian theme. These days, many Christmas cards don’t have a Christian theme at all. In fact, only a couple Christmas photo card designs from the Snapfish holiday catalog even mention Christmas. Most cards have secular themes like “Happy Holidays,” or “Seasons Greetings,” or even “Merry Xmas.” Anyone who bucks the trend and goes with a traditional Christian theme (like the Three Wise Men or Baby Jesus) or includes a Bible verse on their Christmas card will certainly make a statement.

Another way to be different, even trendy, is to use a fall photo on a Christmas card. For instance, instead of having the kids wear Santa hats or dress in red and green, use a photo with fall leaves in the background or a picture from even earlier in the year. Any cherished photo will do. Your friends and family won’t mind that the picture doesn’t match the season; they will just be glad to have a nice photo of you and your family to display throughout the holiday season. To pull this off, choose a Christmas photo card template that coordinates with colors from the picture.

Family Christmas Card Photograph Ideas – Unique Family Picture Poses

Before you select a specific holiday card layout, you should probably preselect the pictures you’d like to use. The colors from the photo(s) will dictate the design of the card.

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