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Piglet and Pooh Bear Halloween Scrapbook Page Using Fireworks CS3

Published by Harmony Fulwiler

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Halloween scrapbook page with Piglet and Pooh Bear. I will walk you through this tutorial and provide the graphics that you need to create this Halloween scrapbook page. This scrapbook page is created using Fireworks CS3. Take a look at the image that I have provided to see the Halloween Scrapbook Page with Piglet and Pooh Bear.

Go ahead and create a canvas to work on. Create the canvas the size that you need for your scrapbook page. Then select the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle the size of your canvas. Change the color fill of the rectangle to #02611F. Change the texture to Plaid Tight. Change the amount of texture to 75%. Change the border color to # 02611F. Change the Stroke Category to 1-Pixel Soft. Then change the tip size to 5. You can make the tip size larger or smaller, depending on the size of your scrapbook page. That’s the background. Now we will start adding the graphics.

Click here to visit the site with the graphics. Right click on the Piglet graphic and copy it. Go to your Fireworks program and paste it. To paste it, right click > Edit > Paste. Now you will need to delete the background of the piglet graphic. Select your Magic Wand Tool and click the white background. Press delete on your keyboard to delete it. If there are any other white parts, click them with the wand and delete them. Click the section again to deselect it.

Now you will need to add the pooh bear graphic. Go back to the page that you was just on. Right click and copy the pooh bear graphic. Then paste it on your scrapbook page. You will need to remove the background the same way you did with piglet.

Next, we will create the text. Select your text tool and type Halloween. I used the Adventure font style. I used # FFAB2E for the font color. For the border color I used #036220. I did not apply a drop shadow to this text, but you can if you want too. After you have created the text, you can use the transform tool to turn the text. After you have created the Halloween text, you can create the 2016 text. You can type whatever you want, you don’t have to necessarily type what I have.

Now you can create your frames for the Halloween Scrapbook page. I used circle frames for my page. You can use circle frames or square frames. Grab your drawing tool and draw your frame. Change the border color to the same settings as your page border. That’s it. You can now export your Halloween Scrapbook Page.




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