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Pine Cone Christmas Craft: How to Make a Pine Cone Christmas Swag

Published by Valene Theophilus

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Pine cone Christmas crafts can enhance your Christmas decor. With a little creativity, your pine cone swag can make a unique Christmas decoration.

Making crafts for Christmas is a great way to get your household excited about the Christmas season. There is a long tradition behind using swags and greenery as Christmas decorations. Adorning your walls, door knobs or curtain rods with pine cone swags can breathe some historic spirit into your Christmas decorating ideas.

Things you will need:

  • Painted pine cones
  • Ribbons of various color, length and width
  • Wire (Jewellery section at Michaels)
  • Strong craft glue like Weldbond (Michaels)
  • Twig ring (Floral Arranging section at Michaels)
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

Steps for Making your Christmas Pine Cone Swag

  1. Go on a pine cone scavenger hunt. You can make your swag as large or small as you like. To make a swag of this size, you will need seven pine cones of various shapes and sizes.
  2. Once you have collected your pine cones, follow these instructions to prep and paint them.
  3. Once your pine cones are all dried, use your wire and wire cutters to make small loops for hangers by twisting the ends of the wire together around the center pine cone point or as close to the tip as you can get.
  4. Next, choose your ribbon and arrange your pine cones at the varying lengths you want them to hang from the ring.
  5. Cut your ribbon to the according lengths. If you position them right, you can have each successive pine cone layer cover up the hanging loops of the layer below.
  6. For attaching the ribbon to the pine cone loop for hanging, you can either tie a single ribbon strand to the loop, or you can thread your ribbon through the loop, leaving about an inch on the other end of the loop, fold it up, and glue it to the long ribbon holding them tightly together while the glue is bonding (technique used in picture).
  7. For attaching the hanging pine cones to the twig ring, use one of the techniques for attaching ribbon to the loops described in the previous step.
  8. Once all your ribbons are attached to your twig ring, use wider ribbon to tightly wrap around the ring covering where the ribbons attach to it. Simply roll the ribbon over itself on the one end tightly and when you come to the other end, you can use a tiny piece of wire to tuck it inside the twigs and secure it.

When selecting your pine cone and ribbon colors, be creative. You can choose traditional Christmas colors, colors that match your decor, or why not try nontraditional colors like lime green and fuschia.

For the upcoming festive season, take advantage of what nature has to offer for your Christmas decorating ideas. Enjoy using this unique pine cone Christmas craft to enhance your seasonal decor.

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