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Pittsburgh’s Halloween Events

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

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Pittsburgh Adult Halloween Activities

Halloween in Pittsburgh is always fun. Pittsburgh is home to many Halloween Parties, haunted houses and even a haunted amusement park. While Pittsburgh has many events that are family friendly, in this article I will be focusing on those events that are geared towards the adult crowd.

Pittsburgh’s best known Halloween event is Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Night. This is when Kennywood Amusement park is transformed from a Pittsburgh family friendly amusement park to a Halloween playground for adults and creatures of the night . This year it has five haunted houses plus some of the rides will be open. Not only does Kennywood celebrate Halloween with haunted houses and rides but the whole park is transformed. You have park employees dressed up has monsters that interact with the guests, the food is changed, every building is decorated for Halloween. It is open every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm to 1pm and on Sunday October 11 7-11pm. Be sure to check their website to see when the park will be less busy. I have stood in line for two hours for a haunted house.

The next Pittsburgh Halloween event is Hundred Acres Manor located in South Park. It is one of Pittsburgh’s favorite haunted houses. According to legend, the manor was once owned by Pittsburgh’s richest family-the Acres, but one night the local prison (which was located on Acre’s Manor) was temporary housing violent and disturbed prisoners. That night the prison caught on fire and 136 people died. This tragic event left the grounds haunted.

Hundred Acres Manor opens for its regular haunting season on October 1. They are open every Wednesday thru Sunday until November 1. The Manor Box Office opens at dusk and closes at 10pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays and stays open until 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. General admission is $15 and they only accept cash. They also have V.I.P admission and Super V.I.P admission. They are $25 and $35 respectively. Both offer reduced waiting time and the Super Y.I.P. admission also includes a souvenir tee-shirt.

This Halloween season Pittsburgh residents will have another opportunity to celebrate Halloween. This year is Big Chemistry 1st Annual Halloween Bash. It will take place at the Carnegie Science Center on Friday October 30th. Admission is $30 and all proceeds benefit Big Brother Big Sisters of Great Pittsburgh. It is a costume party but costumes are not required. The event promises an outrageous candy bar, appetizer bar, bubbling bar drinks and many more.




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