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Plan a Successful Halloween Party

Published by Adell Enriguez

party this year, it’s time to start the planning process. Too early? No, actually, now is the right time. Halloween decorations are just now starting to pop up in stores and the shelves are fully stocked. This means that you get to choose exactly what you want for your budget before these items get picked over.

First think about the theme of your party. Once you nail down the coffin lid on your theme, think about what look your party requires, as well as budget and time constraints.

A few ideas:

Haunted Mansion: For a haunted mansion party, throwing white sheets over furniture gives it that deserted look. Add some cobwebs and you have a good theme going already, and one that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money. Serve green punch with dried ice in it for the fog effect, bony finger cookies, spider cupcakes, and lots of glow in the dark bugs and rats. Hang up a few “ghosts” and your party has started!

Zombie-riffic or Apocalyptic: Think bloody footprints on the floor, bloody handprints are marks around doors and windows, and lots of body parts scattered around the house. Make an ice cube brain to float in your punch bowl. Not Quite Nigella has a great brain cupcake recipe that is so gross it’s hard to look at it. I’m not even sure The Cake Critic would try those cupcakes. Check out the biohazard blood slides here for a really interesting take on a viral apocalypse.

True Blood or Twilight inspired: Buy a standup of Edward Cullen, Jason Stackhouse, or Pam Ravenscroft so that your guests may take photos by them. Be sure to serve red wine or red punch, decorate with rats, bats, and coffins. Drape some beat up velvet over your sofa for an aged Victorian look and instead of fresh flowers, use wilted flowers, as vampires cause flowers to die quickly. (At least in the movies!) This party calls for a red velvet cake and lots of red foods-all made to look like blood.

Stores such as Dollar General and Dollar Tree have excellent bargains on Halloween items that won’t break your budget. Plan early and your guests will be so surprised at the level of detail in your party that they will beg you to have another Halloween party next year!

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