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Plan and Throw the Ultimate Halloween Dinner Party!

Published by Bradly Trimm

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10 Great Ideas for Your Halloween Extravaganza

Planning the perfect Halloween party doesn’t have to be stressful. After all, the whole point of throwing a party is to have FUN! So, you want to throw the ultimate Halloween party and don’t know where to begin? Start HERE!

  1. Theme: Once your party has a theme, all the details will fall into place. The invitations, the food, the music, the costumes, and the décor… all depend on this one crucial element. What is the themeof your party? Masquerade Ball? Ghost House? Monster Bash? Adult Only? Dark Fairy Tale? Night at the Graveyard? Renaissance? Pirates? Alice in Wonderland? Snow White and the Poison Apple? Choose a theme that you would enjoy decorating and costuming for.
  2. Invitations: HURRY! Halloween is closer than you think-and you want to make sure you have an excellent turnout! As soon as you’ve got your theme nailed, get to work on the invitations. Inviting people via phone or email is simply NOT acceptable. Get people excited for your party by sending out (or personally delivering) hand-made invitations decorated to your theme. Let them know where the party will be held, what time it begins, whether or not they should hire a babysitter, what costumes are appropriate, and how to RSVP. If you’re throwing a high-class soiree, include a pretty RSVP card with a stamped return envelope.
  3. Décor: Your theme will determine the decor-but remember if you go overboard, you’ll just have to throw it all away after the party. Try sticking to decorations you can use again and again. Modify candles and lanterns so they may be returned to normal when your party is over. Cobwebs, crepe paper, and balloons can be purchased cheap from any party supply store. You can even make your own! Decorate your table with carved pumpkins. Dry out old roses. Replace confetti with autumn leaves. Cut out and decorate cardboard masks. Or visit http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/halloween-decorating? for some creative handmade Halloween craft ideas.
  4. Music: A must at every party-whether you hire a DJ and clear space for a dance floor, or simply crank up the radio while your guests mingle. If you’re concerned about what kind of music would be appropriate for your Halloween bash, think on your theme. For some excellent Halloween inspired music downloads, check out http://www.all-about-halloween.com/free-halloween-music.html and http://www.ilovewavs.com/Holidays/Halloween/Music/HalloweenMusic.htm
  5. Dinner: Potluck? Buffet? 5-Course-Sit-Down dinner with all the frills? If you’re throwing an in-vogue masquerade soiree, set your table with place-settings, place-cards, and your best linens. Spoil your fashionable guests with party favors, hired servers, and fine china. If it’s shaping to be a raucous, imprudent shindig, an open buffet where everyone can gather and nosh is probably your best bet. Whatever your dinner party needs, you can order all your supplies through http://www.partyamerica.com/
  6. Food: Your food choices should also stick to your theme. If you decide to do all your own cooking, choose autumn-inspired entrees with in-season fruits and vegetables to compliment your party. Some tasty Halloween recipe ideas can be found right here.
  7. Drink: Let’s face it; alcohol is a necessity at any Halloween party! If you’re going to ask people to dress up, dance, get crazy, possibly sing karaoke, and maybe even dunk their heads in a bucket of water to snag an apple with their teeth… some liquid confidence will be in order. Don’t expect your guests to supply all their own booze-stock up on some essentials (rum, vodka, whiskey, and mixers) at your local liquor store. Keep plenty of soda, ice, and hard cider (cider-being a Halloween staple.) Plug in your blender and check out this website for some ghoulish Halloween-inspired cocktails: http://cocktails.about.com/od/cocktailrecipes/tp/halloween_cktl.htm
  8. Dessert: What’s a party without dessert? What’s a Halloween party without APPLES! (I bet you thought I was going to say candy.) Apples and Halloween are like peanut-butter and jelly, socks and shoes, peas and carrots. They just belong together. Traditionally, apples were harvested in October and made an appearance at every autumn feast. Bobbing for apples, caramel apples, spiced apple cider, and apple pie are all favorites at Halloween-time.
  9. Games: Once everyone has finished eating, and the drinks are flowing, it’s time to begin the activities! Here you can stick to the party theme, create your own ideas, or fallback on some traditional favorites. Bobbing for apples, a game of Sticky Face, hosting a séance, a Jack-o-Lantern carving contest, a costume contest, telling ghost stories, going on a scavenger hunt, and smashing pumpkins filled with candy are all fun and exciting Halloween activities.
  10. Destinations: Your party doesn’t have to take place at your home. Some spooky Halloween hotspots include-graveyards, bar-hopping, hotel parties, haunted houses, and cornfield mazes. Or you and a group of friends can plan a trip to one of the world’s top five Halloween travel destinations! http://www.smart-traveller.co.uk/top-five-halloween-holiday-destinations



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