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Preschool Halloween Themed Bulletin Board: Pumpkin Patch Art Display for the Early Childhood Classroom

Published by Etha Nyberg

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Designing a Halloween pumpkin patch bulletin board in the early childhood classroom can be as simple or as complex as the teacher desires. Focus on a few key elements such as colors, letters and wording, and fun (non-threatening or scary) content. Additionally, enlist the assistance of the children in the class when putting together the bulletin board. This can turn into an exciting collaborative art activity.

Materials Needed to Create a Halloween Bulletin Board

  • Bulletin board or display panel
  • Large sheets of paper (butcher or wrapping paper will work)
  • Stapler (only to be used by an adult)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Letter stencils
  • Tissue paper
  • Markers
  • Tempera paints
  • Paint brushes and/or sponges
  • Tape

Steps to Create a Pumpkin Patch Halloween Bulletin Board


  1. Gather materials. Make sure that the construction paper, markers, and paint are in Halloween or pumpkin themed colors.
  2. If the children are helping to create the bulletin board, invite the class to discuss Halloween and pumpkins. Try to direct the conversation towards family traditions such as pumpkin picking and jack o’lantern carving.

Process Steps

  1. Cover the bulletin board with paper. An adult should staple the large sheets of butcher or wrapping paper over the board. Children should not help with this step, and should never be allowed to use or handle a stapler. For a fun added touch, use a Halloween themed wrapping paper as a background. Try to avoid paper that is solid orange.
  2. Use the letter stencils and construction paper to create a Halloween or pumpkin themed title for the bulletin board. Examples include, “Happy Halloween!” or, “Preschool Pumpkin Patch!”.
  3. Cut out circles from orange construction paper. If the class is helping, ask the children to draw (or trace) circles, and then cut them out. Adult assistance may be needed for this step.
  4. Decorate the pumpkins. Make sure there is one pumpkin per student. If the children are helping, ask the class to decorate the pumpkins. This can be done by painting or sponging tempera paint onto the face of the pumpkin. If the children are not helping, write each child’s name on a pumpkin or glue a small picture of each child to the pumpkin.
  5. Cut small rectangles from green construction paper. Glue this to the top of the pumpkins as a stem.
  6. Tape the decorated pumpkins onto the bulletin board.
  7. Cut or tear strips of green and brown tissue paper for grass and hay. Add these to the bottom of the board (under the pumpkins) with a glue stick or tape.

Preschool Classroom Bulletin Board Uses

Use the Halloween pumpkin patch bulletin board in many different ways within the classroom.

  • Decoration: Keep the bulletin board as it is, and use it as a room decoration.
  • Display board: Leave room to add child made art work. Tape or staple Halloween and fall themed class art to the board between the pumpkins.
  • Parent involvement: Turn this bulletin board into a parent notification display. Add important letters or notices to the board. Think about tying holiday themed notices to this specific board. For example, use this space to display a letter about a class Halloween party, a Halloween parade, or costumes.

Turn a plain classroom bulletin board into an exciting Halloween themed display. Use paper, paints, and glue to create a pumpkin patch that the children will love to look at. Use this board to simply decorate the room, exhibit student made art work, or as a parent involvement letter display.

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